What are the legalities of using screenshots

by raeeck
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I have been wondering about this for some time, can someone please give me their take on it please.

If I was to make an information product to sell, what are the legalities of using screenshots to demonstrate a particular point.

As an example: If I was talking about Clickbank and wanted to make a point about gravity and I took a shot from within the marketplace showing the gravity on a particular listing.

Does this infringe on copyright?

It seems that just about every information product you buy these days have some screenshots in them.
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    AFAIK, some companies permit screenshots according to terms that they specify. Those terms won't always be readily available, so you'll need to ask for them.
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    Yeah always best to ask. However in general I find that companies are quite relax where you are positively promoting their product or service but less so if you are criticising it!
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