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I have started a project to create an online magazine about travelling, laptop lifestyle and other themes like communication/health/entrepreneurship etc...

My main target is the french market, I plan to translate in english all my articles too.

I'm not sure I'm the most talented writer in the world obviously... I think my main skills could be the ability to invest the time necessary to provide the more helpful contents that I can.

Before investing the time, I'd like to be very realistic with myself. It's the reason why I'd like to hear your thoughts.

What is the average time before making a profit from a blog/magazine? I believe it's not a easy answer. Let's say I'll invest 5 hours a day in average by creating OK contents and promote it.

Also, I'm wondering how important is the luck factor in this field?

Thanks you
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    Hi. I myself own a Malay language blog that its main content is about accounting for students. I used to spend about 8 hours to complete 1 blog post, including writing an article as main content, searching for royalty free images, create videos and have them uploaded to Youtube and them embedded in that blog post.

    SHARING IS CARING. When creating a blog post, I always have my students in mind, so as to tailor make a post to solve their problem in certain area of accounting.

    Satisfaction will be my biggest motivation to continue blogging.

    That's my answer to the question: the value of blogging
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    This article by Matthew Woodward could give you some better insight.

    I would suggest you make the blog as focused on a single subject as you can so that you are the obvious choice in that subject matter
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    there are too many variables to give you an accurate time frame for making a profit with your site.

    The type of site you are making is probably most suited for adsense, or chikita type ads. and the key will be for you to make sure you are adding content daily so your repeat visitors will have a reason to stay when they come back.

    There is a lot more you can do but for now just keep adding content, and don;t forget the keyword research


    Broken promises don't upset me. I just think, why did they believe me?
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    Travelling advertisers like expedia and paid quiet a handsome amount for every booking that you refer to them.

    The questions that you need to find the answers are
    How are you driving targeted traffic to your site?
    How much time and money are you willing to spend to drive targeted traffic?

    best regards,

    Heru Muskita
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    Thanks a lot for the input guys , it's really appreciated.

    I don't have any commercial platform yet because I only have a few posts. But I will interest me to adsense & chikita as it's been recommanded here.

    @Jouvan Johnson
    Thanks for the link. When you said that I should focused in one single subject, do you think the themes of my magazine is too wide? Should I be more focused about one subject?

    My plan is to talk about everything that passionate me and things that I learn from it. I'd say that the main theme is how to be free & financially independant with a nomadic lifestyle.
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    I can't say a definite figure when it comes to profit. And I don't think that it's enough writing "OK" content and stop there. Because after that, it will all depend on how you present these articles or blog contents to your viewers, depending on the place your sharing it and depending on the market who's viewing it.. It's also dependent on what marketing efforts you have in place.

    But I can sense that you're on the right track of creating valuable contents for your viewers, you just need to plan and think for those areas I mentioned above. And if you need help with your copy, just contact me and I'll be glad to help!

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    Its the old statement of if you have a problem with your heart would you want to see a general doctor or a heart specialist?

    In my humble opinion I feel like it could be too wide and lack focus. Look at all the most successful blogs they are very focused on a specific subject and only branch out into other things when they have a huge loyal fan base
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