How this video is created? Any Software?

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Hello Everyone,

Straight to the point, I was just wondering how this video is created:
Which software if any? Or if you know of any other software that can create similar videos, please share. Free is of course better.

Thanks in advance, would really appreciate everyone's help
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    Keynote (Mac) or Powerpoint (PC)

    Chalkboard image background.

    Handwritten typefaces.

    Animated builds on each element.

    No slide transitions.
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    Thanks for your quick reply!

    So you mean it's created in MS powerpoint. I got you on setting background image.

    What you exactly mean by "Handwritten typefaces"?
    Typeface = Font

    The video above uses an outline-style display font for the headings that looks handwritten in chalk.

    The bullets and body copy are in another handwritten typeface:

    I knocked up a lookalike in a couple of minutes:

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      I have a sort of technical question about building this type of a video.

      Every time I do an animated video in PowerPoint to get the animation per element, then I use screencasting software to record the animated slideshow, it renders all choppy. There are no smooth transitions.

      What I've ended up doing is just creating non-animated slides and putting them in Windows Live Movie Maker and doing without the animation.

      I'm on a PC, not MAC. Could it just be that I don't have enough memory in my PC?
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    Wow, Brian, your reply is really insightful man!
    @ahdee, what is the software you're talking about and how is it better than the rest?
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    Any decent non-linear video editing program should be able to create something like this. My favourite is Serif MoviePlus, but there are lots of others out there. As Brian says above, PowerPoint and Keynote will do just as good a job.

    @ksmusselman: Check that the frame rate of your monitor/graphics card and the record rate of your screencasting software are in sync. It sounds like there could be a mismatch. If you're using Camtasia, be sure to check the "disable hardware acceleration" box, as failing to do so can sometimes cause similar problems in my experience.
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    There are many apps to create video. I have seen that video, it is an easy video. It may make by Powerpoint. Even he may use any other apps such as window movie maker/ windows dvd maker, ulead video studio or, camtasia or something like these. thanks
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