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Ok so I have a website that is a directory website will business listings.

I have been developing the website for the past year... I am now able to focus on cold calling business about purchasing a business listing on my website.

So my question is this -

What's the best way to get the sale and not lose it...

I am calling them - explaining them the details, getting the business owner excited, BUT the only way for them to purchase the listing is by them going onto my website and purchasing the listing there. That way they can create a user name and password so they can log in and out of my website at their convenience.

So what would you recommend me doing to get the sale? Because once I get off the phone with them - they could get distracted and they may never come back to my web site to purchase a listing.

Would love some ideas and thoughts

Thank you so much!

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    Well, first, if there is a way to sign them up over the phone, that would obviously be the best choice. If you could take payment over the phone, and generate an id/password for them on your end, that would save you the trouble of hoping they make their way to your site at some point. If you can't make that work, you could try and get them to go through the process while on the phone with you. Just offer to walk them through the process so you know they are singing up while they are still very interested. Possibly even offer some sort of discount or other incentive if they sign up within 24 hours. As long as you are able to track when the sign up, that could be a good way to make sure they purchase your service quickly.

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    While on the phone, an option is to sign them up for an account just by using their email, and for them to receive an email with a link to complete their account details, profile details and payment, as well as a link to content materials (video guide with written guide and infographics) for conveniently and effectively setting up their listings ...

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      Originally Posted by AntonioSeegars1 View Post

      One thing you might want to consider is mailing businesses flyers or brochures with a link to your website. This could help you get sales before you call anybody.

      Yea that's a great idea, however I don't have $$ for marketing...

      I would love to give them a discount code if they purchase that day but the theme company says that feature is unavailable. I use paypal - so I wish there was a way I could do it that way...

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    So any other ideas that could help my situation? Thanks

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