Pacquio vs Mayweather: any ideas?

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Everytime there's a major sporting event, I always hear tales of people making a killing AFTER the event. Would love some cool ideas beforehand this time so I don't miss the boat

Anybody got good ideas on how to make money from this HUGE event? I think that would be great for other warriors as well.
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    You're thinking like a Boss, congrats.

    Here's a few ideas I brainstormed that should get your juices flowing. Needless to say ... whatever you do - you have to act fast! - Good Luck
    • Offer an affiliate or created product or service that enhances fight fan experience. (Think convenience, easier or faster)
    • Print unique T-shirts, caps or other accessories, with a catchy, humorous fight theme or saying. Be careful of copyright/trademark infringement.
    • Create an online guide or list that helps fans find fight related stuff and monetize with aff links, adsense or optin form.
    • Create a webpage showing fans where to get the latest fight news (and monitize with adsense, affiliate links and optin form.
    • Offer fight themed freebie to build your list of boxing fans for future mailings.
    • Offer boxing info targeted to wives/girlfriends who don't know about boxing. Benefit? To help them watch better with mates or even increase chances of getting a boyfriend.
    • Write fight theme article(s) with a unique angle or twist (no one else has thought of ... and sell to magazine, blog or website.
    • Make humorous or crazy fight-themed Youtube video and monitize.
    • Collect "Best Fight Party Ideas" webpage and monetize with aff. links, adsense or optin form.
    Good thinking, but don't forget about "after fight money" to be made also. The possibilities are endless.
    • Make a humorous or straight "what you thought of the fight" video and monitize.
    • Make humorous after the fight theme t-shirts, caps, accessories.
    • Write unique or humorous "after the fight" article and sell to magazine or blog.
    Hope these help to spark some profitable ideas for you.
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    wow... thanks for all the ideas Niche Man!

    btw... juts read that ppv would be like $99

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