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Hi warriors,

I've discovered something in my niche that I'm pretty sure no one else is doing. It's a technique that I think would help a lot of people in my market - the gluten free market.

I'm currently developing a few recipes and at least one youtube to explain the process. I would like for this to be readily available to everyone.

But, the question is: how can I also benefit the most from this without requiring my site to be a membership site? I don't really think that people should have to pay for recipes. Especially people in the gluten free market because it's sooooo darn hard to eat, anyway. I think once this gets out, it could be pretty popular. The recipes will obviously be copied and there's nothing I can do about it. I was thinking about backlinks this morning and then realized that you backlink to sites, not people....lol..(you can tell I'm green at this).

So, will traffic be enough to offset the research and will the traffic generate backlinks??? I thought about creating a small recipe book for $1 per download, but I don't know if I want to do that, either.

What do you guys think?
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    I'm not in your niche but here are some ideas:

    1) Most obvious - create a rich information site, get traffic and generate AdSense revenue.

    2) Give away recipes, one a week, one a month, whatever, to a mailing list. I can think of no better way to build a list than what you've got. Laser focussed and people *will* sign up. In droves, if you get the traffic.

    3) When you have a list you need to monetise it. You have a health-conscious readership so you may be able to drop ship supplements or other health-focussed items.

    I think you have the seed of a great business there if you do your homework and build your list.
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      Cool. Thanks. I like the idea of giving away a recipe a week. Actually, I'd like for people to submit recipes as well. Hmmm...I could give away chocolate for that.

      My site is Gluten-Free-Chocolate

      If you guys want to give me some pointers, that would be great. This is my very first site. I don't have the youtube stuff on there yet. That's probably tomorrow's task...

      If you see something glaringly awful, speak up!
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    You're going to be doing things that bring traffic to your website. That will cost you
    A) Time
    B) Money

    Let's say you sell 3-4 recipe books for every 100 people who come to your website. Four bucks, minus paypal processing fees. I don't believe a dollar per download will pay off enough to make it worthwhile.

    My suggestion: giveaway some free content to whet their appetites, ASK them what they are looking for, then do a membership site. The fantanstic benefit you'll be giving them is access to the membership brain. Members can tap into recipes and tips by other members. Make it fun, then charge $5.95 to $9.95 per month for it.

    Make some money. You gotta eat too!

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      I haven't learned how to manage a list, yet. I hope there's a plugin for that! Somewhere in the way distant recesses of my brain is a sql course that should help me build a database, but I'd like to avoid that.
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      • In my personal opinion, you're complaining about breaking eggs for omelets. Get an autoresponder account to manage your list, so you can focus on traffic and conversions, and not mastering sql an other tasks that don't necessarily produce an income.

        If you're just married to the idea of hosting your own list (I wouldn't be, but I'm not you) you can hire someone else to code it, while you. . . focus on traffic and conversions.

        Do set up a marketing funnel, get traffic, work on getting higher conversions. You can't go wrong if you spend your time doing things that are going to pay the bills. Otherwise, you're likely to be just another Internet Marketing Slaughter story like the rest of us almost were.

        Here's hoping you find the answers you seek,
        Susan Denham
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    Initial thought: Put up a video on YouTube that just teases about the info,recipes you've discovered. Use that video to direct people to a squeeze page where they can enter their email address for a video that reveals everything.

    Then start doing all you can to promote the YouTube video (backlinks would be the place to start).

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    Just try some basic SEO to get some traffic rolling in, some article marketing, and then you can start seeing some profits.
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    You could make a clickbank product and then get affiliates to sell this for you. If it's hard to find stuff to eat on a gluten free diet, then it is reasonable to expect there to be a lot of people searching for ideas.

    Whenever you have an idea that you want to sell, but don't want to do the actual selling, then affiliates should immediately come to mind. After all, what is a recipe but information? And information products is what CB is all about.

    Just my $0.02.

    Good luck!
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