contacted me to advertise on my site - What to do?

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Hello everyone,

Looking for some advice. An employee from got in contact regarding one of my niche websites about them increasing my Ad revenue. As I don't know anything about them, I'd like to ask you Warriors about your experience with them.

Thanks in advance.

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    Give us more to go on. Contact them, see what they offer. get the cash up front


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    My initial advice? Contact the mods and ask them to delete this thread. Because any online company worth their salt uses reputation monitoring software and they're going to find this page very soon. And then it will likely cost you an opportunity if it's worthwhile.

    Next, just straight out ask them what they're offering. Nothing to be nervous about; just hear their pitch and tell them you need to think about it. They likely have a pricing schedule based on your traffic/conversions so there will be little to negotiate. Then just give a yes or no answer.

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    I've used for a couple of years. It's a solid alternative to adsense for certain types of sites and they are a lot more responsive than big G. (as in they have humans you can talk to)
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    Thank you everyone, solid advice. Yes Mods, please delete this thread as I have the information I required to make an informed decision.

    Have an awesome day.

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