Using Infographics for link building?

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I've read guides where experts recommends creating an infographic and submitting them to relevant portals.

Have you tried this strategy?

What are the results?

Are you satisfied with the results?
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    You have to make a really nice and informative inforgraphic in order to become viral.If your infographic is just decent it won`t work.
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    Your infographic must rise above the competition.

    You can't just buy a mediocre infographic off FIverr and expect to get lots of backlinks.

    Well, you can if your niche is TINY enough and don't have much competition.

    But if you're in a niche with decent levels of competition, you have to get TOPNOTCH graphics.

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    This used to be a great strategy, but Google is clamping down now. Frankly, they claim it is to improve user experience. Yeah, what ever that is. However, we see Google being against all links except from one major company to another one.

    Here is something that I found out just now. Back in the 90's I created a lot of web sites about many topics that were back then max pop. Few of these are popular now. Therefore my competition is near zero. Most of my competitors are gone. Google use to be quite accurate in the early 2002 period in finding these sites, but they do not find them any more. What we do find is sites that have nothing to do with the query. That said, all these sites come from major companies.

    What can I say. Their latest search algorithm update is a mess. I type in a the name of a premium cigar. OK so what do I get? Female hygiene products, Industrial Machinery, Lawn Fertilizer, Stock Picking, Dating services.....

    It is no wonder that BING is growing. Sadly, Google use to be a great search engine. That is not the case any more.

    Talk about spam paranoia. Google ranks at the top amazon. Yeah, for a book I wrote on a certain topic when they should rank me. Also, I will create a brand new video on you tube and it will out rank sites that have been around many years. These large content heavy sites have boat loads of links from EDU and more. Sadly, it is time to get off my soap box now.
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    A great infographic can produce some epic traffic. I've seen many produce thousands of social shares and backlinks, which is obviously incredibly valuable and does wonders for SEO.

    An awesome guide on succeeding with infographics: Turning Images Into Links - The Advanced Guide to Link Building
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    I think it depends on what you are marketing. If its a physical product I think it can work well, otherwise I just don't see it.
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    Infographics do very well on Pinterest, which can provide some decent traffic. There are a lot of people that create infographic collections (boards).
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