how can I invest an amount not more than 200 EUR ?

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Hi All

I never earned or worked on the internet , I'm looking to invest an amount not more than 200 Euros , my question :
1 - how can I earn?
2- I can not stay all day at the computer because I'm a student ?

thank you
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    Please read the other 9999 threads that are exactly the same as yours......
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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    200 Euro?

    Keep your money until you spend more time reading this forum.

    What skill you need in the beginning?

    1. Learn how to use the Search function in this forum.
    2. Self control not to buy anything from anybody.
    3. Self discipline to spend at least 2-3 hours in this forum reading and learning. If you do not have 2-3 hours a day, I suggest you focus on your study, graduate, get a job, earn money and come back. Still you have to start from number 1.
    4. Change your mindset. This is not get rich quick. There is no such thing as push button riches. There are a lot of work to be done.
    5. You have to understand this is a business. A business need money and time, and a person to run.

    Best Regards,

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    Save some money and then start to learn how to market online.

    And just know that if you really want to succeed online, it will take money and time to do well. You have a lot to learn and while you will have many setbacks, take a lesson from each and move on forward.

    If you make a commitment to succeed, you will. Whether it is 2 months from now or 2 years.
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    Hello, the best way is to save money (Dont start buying products and products without take action)

    Here is some 3 Basic steps that you need to do ( To Start Building a Internet Business)

    1: Create a Wordpress Blog (This cost like $10 anual to paid for you domain name) with you own wordpress, you can create content, do reviews about affiliate products and can help you promote you brand.

    2: Create a Squeeze page with a autoresponder with this method, you going to start building a list, every expert said that the money is in the list, because when you have a list of paid buyers, every email that you potential send, can help you make money online.

    3: Learn some traffic methods (Like Facebook Ads, Google Ads) you can paid for a training products or take a look in the Warrior Forum to learn more about how to get traffic online.

    They are a lot of steps that you need to do, but this is basically the essence of the Internet Marketing.

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