As a Chinese, HOW can I write high quality articles

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as i said , what can i do to write high quality artilces,
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    I went to school and learned how to write. I'm no Edgar Allan Poe but I can sometimes write a sentence.
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    If English is your second language, I would recommend hiring somebody to write them for you. The best traffic you can get is usually from the US


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    It's not easy. English is not my native language. I guess I don't totally such at writing forum comments, but writing a business article is way harder than that. There's a ton of stuff on grammar and style that you'd need to manage. If you're writing a more freeform blog you've got more leeway.

    Are you a good writer in your native language? Do you have something to say? Those would be important traits to have. If you're not blogging in your own language, it's even harder to start on other language.
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  • Start a blog. Write often. Then of course it helps if you also read more books or blogs. If you are unsure of your grammar or spelling, there is this grammar tool called Grammarly which I also find helpful.
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      Read more articles and see how they are structured. Then try to write a few everyday
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    Oh it's going to be very hard.

    What I'd recommend is you soak in the culture, not so much the language. Here's why.

    The spelling & grammar is the easy part. ("are the easy part"? I don't know lol... see?)

    And trust me a grammar/spelling mistake doesn't look as bad to native speakers as a saying used out of place would.

    Watch TV shows, both old and new, movies, read newspapers, try to get a feel for the language. How it's used, what colloquials are used, when are they used.

    Read books, too. Something you like.

    Expose yourself to liquor, whoops, I mean language, immerse yourself in it. (Props if you got the reference.)

    It will get easier.

    But should you do it? Is that the best use of your time? That's the question you should be asking. And only if the answer is a resounding YES then you should go for it.
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    Grammar and spelling mistakes are not the end of the world, but you can't have several in every sentence. It makes the article tedious to read, and there's always a guy who's writing about the same stuff better than you. This is the internet with endless content. Nobody is going to bother if your content is lukewarm and grammar is bad.

    It's very much a good idea and excellent use of your time to read, watch movies, and consume other forms of art and culture. Not a quick way to results, though. If that's what you're after, hire someone.
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    Come on, that's like saying, "How can I build a helicopter if I don't know anything about helicopters?"

    Either write in your native language, learn to write well in English or pay someone to write for you. There's no other answer and I can't understand how this isn't common sense.

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    Originally Posted by jackbin View Post

    as i said , what can i do to write high quality artilces,
    Hi, I am a Chinese too. Formerly I can hardly write even a complete sentence in English (English is not my mother tongue).

    My suggestion to you:
    Start off by having a collection of good emails. I am talking assuming we are in IM niche.

    Go to your email inbox. I am sure you have subscribed to a few mailing lists. Among the emails they sent to you, there will be 2 main types of email:
    • Emails that promote their offer (their own products or affiliate products);
    • Emails that provide you with their most valuable information.
    What to learn from these emails?
    Emails that promote their offers - Most of the time, these kind of emails written by professional copy writers who can write high converting emails. In this kind of emails, people will use the most influencing and convincing words, phrases and sentences to bring them sales. Look at their email title and their call to action, we will see how they use only few words but very strong that you will finally click on their links.Also, look at the ways they address a problem, suggest a solution and how their offers work.

    Emails that provide you with their most valuable information - People sometimes will send useful information so as to help their subscribers (in many ways: provide tips on doing something in better ways, common pitfalls to avoid, the latest trend of something, etc). The most successful email marketers will only include high value information to their lists; from there, we (as their subscribers) will learn their style of writing, their vocabs, their idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs; how they highlight their main points, how they elaborate their points, how they draw traffic to their desired pages, Fb group, etc. There will be so much to learn about.

    Learning bit by bit through these emails. As time goes by, your personal collection of good emails will get more and more.

    Take sometimes to practice writing. Try to put together everything you have learned from the emails. Then, have somebody to review it and listen to what other people's feedback, comments and suggestions.

    Remember, this will take you quite some time to produce good articles. Patience the consistency will be the best policy for you.

    To your success,
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    Learn English. If you're planning to be in the game for the long run, you should learn English, at least the basics skills. You don't need a perfect grammar, just the ability to talk and communicate and then you can get your articles proof read by someone professional.
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    If you wants to wring in English, you must have a good knowledge about the English Language. Last year I wend Kunming & Shenzhen, CHINA I found most of the people does not know how to speak in English Language. so if you have a good knowledge on the language, you can start. very good. Carry on.
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      Writing everyday in a meticulous and careful manner with the intent of producing well thought out ideas is a good way to improve your writing skills.

      - Robert Andrew
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    Why is anyone even bothering to respond to this crap? Let the thread die. Please.
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    As affilorama-portal says, start writing then read plenty on many subjects especially the ones you like. English with all its nuances is not easy for a foreigner but with determination you will make it! Good luck.

    Jon Mumford

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    If I was Chinese and not comfortable in English, I would write stuff for Chinese speaking audience. But there is some kind of block or restricted Internet access that I heard about in China. Don't know if that's really true.
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    Hey OP,

    First off - congratulations on getting started in a language you're not comfortable with! That takes some grit - I'm not sure I'd be comfortable doing it and so I do really wish you the best of luck.

    I've known a few other ESL entrepreneurs doing biz in English. Here's what they did:

    1. Hire writers. Maybe you use a service like TextBroker or you use the ProBlogger job boards to hire your writers. (Maybe you even hire them directly) Have them write all of the English for you.

    2. Hire an editor. Your English probably isn't good enough to check their work so, to make sure they're delivering, hire an editor to clean up and check the work they're doing. Here's the editor we use.

    Best of luck!
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