How Best to Monetize a PR2 Blog With 40K Monthly Views

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Hey warriors,

I would like your input as it regards this blog - Home - Woculus. I am not satisfied with my level of income from it at the moment. In spite of having about 1500 daily views, the income from it is below my desire.

Kindly check the blog out, and let me know what you think. Thanks.

>>> Home - Woculus
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    At first glance, the following should at least give your adsense revenue a boost.

    Remove the 728x90 that is between your menu and content.

    Remove the 3 lines of text ads further down your side bar.

    Google only allows and pays for 3 blocks per page load. You ahve at least 4 that I was able to notice.

    Widen your blog post area to about 750 px (look in CSS in wp admin edtior).

    Then, assuming you have an image at the beginning of all of your posts, center it so that any text has to start after a clean line break, and put a 728x90 ad unit between your top image and start of the written content of the post.

    Then put another 728x90 at the end of your post.

    That 300x600 should be ok in the side bar, but test with and without it.

    Sometimes less is more, but those do well for me.

    Also, if you were doing 40K per day would be much easier to get data, but you probably will notice a difference in a couple of weeks (if any) after advertisers in that size or retargeters with 728x90s find their way on your site and pricing for those placements gets established.

    Another thing I highly recommend is getting more US and Canada users to your site as India is your highest traffic getting country (over 25% according to SimilarWeb)

    And get more traffic.

    "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

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      I agree with jasondinner. Put 3 adsense ads on your site, then test it. Change position, dimensions,... After few months, you`ll find perfect way for your site.
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    Instead of having a lot of free content, why not add more affiliate links with banners to your site?
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    Thank you for the tips.

    Can you also give me sample sites to check out? Also, I can I intentionally increase the traffic from US?
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    You have to split few things!

    Banner advertising for some aff products were not working good for me.

    Adsense in high competitive niche can be very effective with good positioning and blindness!

    For blogs best way to monetize it is to write marketing articles with a lot of call to actions in them!


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    Hi CJ,

    Build your list! Build your list! LOL......

    Scrap the 728 wide Adsense ad. Build an opt in form. Or 2. One at the top of your page - ala HelloBar - and one on the right hand side of the page, above the fold. Collect emails = make money. Or, collect emails = send value through list emails/newsletters = make money. Forget advertising for pennies on the click when you can collect gold - emails = and then you can gain your subscriber's trust, and then you can offer valued products and services which nets you the cash you are ready and raring to collect.

    Setup looking good; I'd remove one of the 2 menu bars up top as I'm seeing some repeaters here. Other than that, maybe you can include a few sentences from each blog post on your home page to whet reader's appetites. But overall, looking solid.Just get to creating products and hone your service skills, because the money is in both your list, and also in the value you bring to the table.

    Tweeting from Bali.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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  • I recommend you start list-building and..

    Earning affiliate commissions.

    If I were you I would place your own banner ads, linking to your landing pages.

    And start building a list, promoting affiliate offers

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    Yea, I appreciate the tips on affiliate marketing and building lists.

    I am planning adsense for the short term plan and monetizing list for the long term plan. So, all the tips are very relevant for me.
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    Always I say : Content Is The King ,

    You Must Do More Efforts : Write More Content , Do More Seo , Create Ads Compaign , Search For New Long Tail Keywords ..

    If You Do What I say You Will See improvement on the traffic number , I Promise You

    I wish You Good Luck ,
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