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Hi everyone. This is my very first thread on WF so please bare with me.

A few years back when I was looking to own my own offline business, I came across a certain website. I'll do my best to explain. It was a website where you described a look, idea or concept you wanted; for example, a logo. After you described and posted what you were looking for, several people could design logos they felt fit your description. I believe the contestants were given a certain amount of days to finish and publish their submission. Once the "contest" closed, you could pick which logo you felt was best. The creator then obtains money. Does anyone know of this website and its name?

What I liked about the site is that you weren't limited to working with just one person on a concept. Anyone that was aware of the site and your listing could contribute.

If anyone is aware of the site I'm referring to, or sites that have a similar method, please feel free to list them ALL.
Thank you all so much for your time.
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