What is the best designed website you've ever seen?

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Are there any websites where you absolutely love the design and experience? What UI elements make it so delightful?
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      I'll be "that guy" and say for me it's apple.com. I absolutely love the entire experience - from images to typography to text.

      Now from marketing perspective Apple can get away with a lot of things ordinary businesses can't but they certainly don't screw around with their design. After all it's a huge part of their positioning.

      Things I particularly like is how the images look crisp and alive - it almost looks like their website is running a different resolution.

      Then there's the navigation. It's easy to understand where you are on the website and where you want to go.

      Next, notice how it's very visual - you can't scroll somewhere and run out of images to look at. It really works for them.

      What I don't particularly like is how the body copy is a bit too difficult to read at a glance, I wouldn't do it that way but then again it probably works for what they're trying to do
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    I enjoy the yahoo page.
    Lots of information but so neatly bundled
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    Google.com - the reason behind the choice is simplicity.

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  • Agreed, apple.com is great.

    I love most big company websites..


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