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lets say that you are selling a product online. you find a combo of 2 search words that seem to get the highest amount of Google results for that product. When I do the Google search using the 2 search words, I see my competition popping up, so I feel that the 2 search words are strong.

Now I put the 2 search words together, and it sounds and reads nice. I check the domain name availabilty for the 2 words, and it is available, so I take it.

Now, what do I have to do to get a good ranking with this domain name?
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    you have to make your site search engine friendly and you have to get backlinks. write some articles about your product, the problems it solves, why its good, etc. and submit it article sites. comment on blogs that are related to your product with a backlink to your site, and all the other usual stuff you do to get quality backlinks.

    just search the forum. there are tons of posts on getting a good google ranking.
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    whether or not you CAN get ranked for that keyphrase (anytime soon) will depend largely on how much competition already exists. If competition is relatively high (like more than 100,000 when Googled with quotes) you may want to locate and target several less competitive phrases.

    Keep in mind that each page of your site can (and should) target a different keyphrase anyway - so develop high quality content that will focus on less competitive keyphrases while pleasing visitors and search engines alike.

    There is a ton of free information about onpage (content related) and offpage (backlinks related) search engine optimization. Google for "seo blogs" or "seo forums" and start digging. SEO runs in a rapid evolutionary channel, so for the most part you should try to avoid any info that is more than a year or two old.
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      If your primary keyword your are targeting is also your domain name then you stand a great chance to rank well for the keyword.

      Of course, your on-page and off-page for the website must be strong, if not even if you have the keyword as domain name, you will not rank well.
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    go with wordpress

    ~Mint Tree~

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    check out and search for the Ranking Factors document on the site, as well.

    "what do I have to do to get a good ranking with this domain name?" = too many details to discuss in a single post and you will probably need to understand the "SEO language" to be able to understand as well .

    ~Mint Tree~

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    Join Google Webmaster Tools and submit a sitemap and keep it updated. If you are using WordPress for your website then there is a plugin that does this and updates it for every post - works very well.
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    Simply optimize:

    -The Title of the web page with the 2 words in the html source code,
    -Include the 2 words in your html keyword list.
    -Find a way of writing a brief content/article with the 2 words included in the title
    -Use the 2 words on your home page
    -Build backlink to solidify your position ahead your competitors
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