No sell From the time i created fiverr account

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I have listed so many gigs in my fiverr. But yet I didn't got any order. Do you have any suggestion please specify.

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    I gone through your gigs ...if you offer something of good value (better than the current ones) i'm pretty sure things will get started .
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    Scott will you tell me what do you mean by "something of good value" . I was thinking what I provide has a good value but might be I am wrong.
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    Try to list many different niches gigs, add videos and testimonials


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    Double I am a fresher don't have any testimonial.I have posted gigs on different niche.
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    Your titles are very generic to start of with. "I will type anything in English language" doesn't sound very attractive to me as a customer, everyone can "type anything in English language", why should I hire you to do it?

    Descriptions for your gigs are all short and boring. Use bullet points, learn how to format text and it will look much cleaner.

    Change your profile picture, you look mad as ****, try to smile.

    My last advice to you is to brush up on your English, it's pretty obvious you're not fluent in it. This is especially important when you are offering article writing in English...
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    Why are you asking this again?

    You already asked this ( ) and got loads of answers and replies.

    You haven't listened to any of the advice myself and others gave you in that thread so what's the point?!
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    Winning I took the advice and updated gigs and added more gigs. But then also I didn't got any I reposted again.
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    I think you need to give gigs that would be popular. 1000 quote images, I don't think so...
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    anyone tried this Fiverr Gig, the seller guarantees rankings in just 10 days and that too safely, feedback is appreciated
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    pick up some other people to buy from you and giving you best rating ,but you have to offer good Gigs
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    Don't you promote your Gigs? Creating Gigs and listing them on the Fiverr won't be given you sales. Add some value into your Gigs and start promoting them into the targeted community.

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    Very good. I have seen your fiverr profile. If you want to more & more job in the Fiverr, you need to have some good/ positive feedback's. You have to complete clients work at the scheduled time. You also need to make unique gigs. After see your gigs, client must be attractive to buy. I hope I made you understand. Thanks
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