Best eBay Course?

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Can anyone recommend a good "Selling on eBay" course that takes into account all their recent changes? It's not something I've spent much time on, but I have a client who's looking for up-to-date info.

Thanks much!
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    Look at my site in my signature.

    Its all about eBooks on ebay, and how to profit taking into account all the changes
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      There are a few good eBay courses out there...

      I have not analyzed all the eBay courses out there but I can certainly vouch for the step-by-step eBay course I created, titled the "Auction Wealth Map".

      The "Map" takes into consideration eBay's latest policy changes regarding information products and provides new strategies on how you can use these policy changes to your advantage (and profit from them).

      What makes mine unique from most eBay courses is that my course is a fusion of both eBay and internet marketing. It also covers the various income streams that can be derived from eBay.

      (Note: Dozens of video tutorials are included in this course)

      A free version of my course is available, which you can get by clicking on the link in my signature.

      I hope this is what your client is looking for...

      Free PLR to over 30 IM videos:

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    IMO Partnership. A National Insurance Marketing Alliance.

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    Ken Evoy has a good Ebay course. You can try it.
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    Alot of the courses and such out there are outdated so I'd be careful. Especially since they went to the in-house Affiliate network.
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    Try this courses. They are free and thank me later
    Work At Home Start Up Guide: How to Make Money Selling on Ebay
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      Is the client an individual or business? Usually if it's a business it's better to have someone go in and train. I did this a couple of weeks ago locally for a engineer/ printing warehouse.

      If it's individual, you're gong to want something very simple or you will glaze them right over, especially if they are new to online commerce.

      Since he's a client of yours I would recommend an added note of security if he's new to the game. eBay is becoming rampant with fraud. Being a powerseller I'm hit almost daily with some type of scam. I don't want to take away from this post but as I help newbies I'm seeing that this is most important and you won't see too many people talk about it since they are trying to sell product, it's only normal.

      The main thing is tell them to not click on "ANY" links from their email no matter how official or pertaining to them exactly it appears....

      OK, security lecture over....

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        Look at my site in my signature.

        Its all about eBooks on ebay, and how to profit taking into account all the changes
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            I have Andrew Locke renegade ebay course and michael Jones ebay code.. I love both of them. But the only cons is in the price.. Sky High auctions have tons of info but the narrator in the vid talk in a very weird accent which is kind of disturbing me.
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