wo can show me best PTC sites to work online ?

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wo can show me best PTC sites to work online !? Pleaase
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    My beginning also was with PTC sites. But, finally, realized that the time spent on PTCs is useless due to the income.

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      PTC's are not a way of earning income on the web. You can earn more on a GPT in 10 minutes by completing 5 offers than you can by clicking PTC's ads for months on end.
      I am not even condoning GPT use, but it's better than PTC.
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    I have obtained leading honest and scam no cost greatest paying out dependable ptc web site record and bux website record that's updated in 2015. Below Is Listed Top High Paying Best PTC Websites:
    * BuxP
    * Paidverts
    * Neobux
    * ClixSense
    * CashNHits
    * Gptplanet and so on. May it helps you.
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    Trust me, PTC site is really useless, it's even worse than doing freelancing work for other people.. Do freelancing instead, just friendly advice
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    Yes, Mr John is right, learn some skills and do freelancing rather, PTC is utter waste of time
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    Ptc sites are useless and loaded with some junk ads. Never engage with them. Why not try affiliate marketing, blogging etc..
    WebInfopond- Blogging, Technology, and Digital Marketing
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  • Don't waste your time with PTC sites, believe me..

    Everybody in the neobux forum is happy making $10.00 a week.

    Find your niche and build a website and build your list so you can do something sustainable.

    I suggest checking this out it's a great start.
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      You can join a new ptc website called freebux.org, They have around 20 members when i last checked but they had already paid out $40 to their members. I joined it and its really good.
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        Pro Tipp: Don't do ptc

        Anything positive you hear about it is from people that want you to sign up under their referral link

        Webdesigner & Developer | NoniNet Media | IM-Blog

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    PTC used to be good money couple of years ago, but now it's not worth it.
    You should look for something your good at, and start selling as a service. That is the best way to make money.
    RapidDedi - Dedicated, Blazing, Fast.
    Dedicated Servers | 100% Uptime | VPS | Managed Services.
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    I would choose a different route. They're pretty much dead now.
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    I Would say stay away from PTCs and find something else to invest your time. Back in the days, I owned a PTC and I was making a decent cash, but from members position I think it doesn’t worth it, at the best you will make 5-10$ every week. PTCs reminds me 2007 times.
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    Skip the PTC, it's not worth your time dude! Selling your own service is far more profitable and sustainable in the long run!
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