youtube suspended my account with over 5,000 subscribers

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Here' s what happened:

I've had my youtube account since 2007. It's packed full of marketing advice and supporting videos showing how I do what I do online.

A couple of days ago it got shut down. The email from youtube said I'd been spamming, and my channel was inappropriate for children.

I took action, and put up a blog post and invited my community to chime in with a comment letting youtube know what they thought of the decision.

Those comments are almost certainly what saved my account. Earlier today, youtube reinstated the account. They didn't tell me why, but in the appeal request I sent to Google, the only request I made was that they please take a moment to review that blog post and reconsider.

It's a scary thing losing your youtube account with over a million views, but this story has a good ending. It demonstrates the power of "community".

I don't want to be accused of self promotion here, so I'll let you find the blog post on your own if you want all the nitty/gritty details. Maybe someone else can post a link to it if this thread gets popular.

Today I faced down the giant that is GOOGLE - with my community next to me...and we won.
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    Hey Jim,

    So sorry to hear that buddy.

    I had a few videos a few years ago that got me a between 10-30 clicks to my website. One day YouTube decided that they want to delete it and I still don't know why. I was talking about data entry jobs online and how they are all a scam and how people should avoid it.

    I always recommend that you need to have multiple stream of internet traffic so that if one dries up, you have a few others working for you.
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      Originally Posted by talfighel View Post

      Hey Jim,

      So sorry to hear that buddy.
      There's a happy ending - they restored it 36 hours later b/c of a blog post I wrote! You missed that bit...
      Signature aka the "PAC" now includes the #1 "Private Label" training on the web (! We've been teaching "physical product" sales online since 2002 & we've accumulated over 1,000 success testimonials!
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        Originally Posted by Jim Cockrum View Post

        There's a happy ending - they restored it 36 hours later b/c of a blog post I wrote! You missed that bit...
        I haven't. I just wanted to let you know that YouTube is known to delete accounts and I just wanted to inform people who will read this thread not to rely on YouTube for all of their traffic.
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          Hey Jim,

          I'm glad you shared with us such a valuable experience.
          I see two lessons here really, one you have already mentioned
          which is having a community behind your back to support you.

          The second lesson which is very relevant to the first one, is to not just
          only never put all your eggs in one basket however, to put your eggs in different/ reliable/dependable baskets. You don not own YouTube or Facebook, they can shut you down with a single click without any notice.

          So if you are relying heavily on YouTube and Facebook for traffic,
          you must make sure your peeps love you and I mean really LOVE you, because when they do, guess what? they will support you and follow you wherever you go! And this exactly what we saw happen with you.

          I think it was very smart of you how you tackled the situation Jim, great job.
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        Originally Posted by Jim Cockrum View Post

        There's a happy ending - they restored it 36 hours later b/c of a blog post I wrote! You missed that bit...
        It is a happy ending this Time, but if they Never told you why they pulled your account , then you do not know what the real cause was? So it may happen Again???
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    The good news is that it has a happy ending .
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    Glad you got your channel back, Jim.

    Here's a general comment, not directed at you since I have no idea as to what type of videos you were doing:

    YouTube are pretty clear as to what they consider as spam:

    If the main purpose of your content is to drive people off of YouTube and onto another site, it will likely violate our spam policies.

    I've seen many channels getting banned over the years for creating thin content videos of "reviews" which are basically trying to get the traffic off YouTube and on to their website.
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    I'm glad you had your channel restored.

    I am a believer in not building assets on properties I do not own.

    Hopefully, you have your own site with everything, and just use social media as a supplement and a feeder.
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    Sounds like it all worked out for the best in the end. It's nice that you have such a great community to call on to back your efforts. It sucks for those who don't but I suppose that if you're providing great content for a long enough time... the community will follow.

    Anyway, kudos on how you handled it all. I'll be sure to keep that in mind for the future.

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    I am sure you have broken the rules & regulations of the Youtube. Before suspend any account, the youtube gave you a alert message. if you had any claim, you would try that time. If you are still legal, you can knock them. Thanks.
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    I have lost established Youtube accounts as well. It really sucks because of all the hard work it takes to get a lot of videos and views. After using Youtube as a traffic source I have realized some things that they like and that they do not like. Even this is not full proof though. At any moment, your money "primary" Youtube account can be take down and usually you cannot recover it.

    Glad you got yours back!
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