Is Clickbank stealing from me?

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Somebody is!

I cloak my Clickbank links because I like to be able to have a count of the hops. When someone clicks on the link, it goes through a re-direct page on my server. The links are no-follow and the pages restricted by robots.txt so the robots are not crawling them.

Recently my SEO efforts have been paying off in a big way and my traffic is WAY up. This morning I check my logs and overnight I've had 44 jumps on one of my links ("Make money while you sleep!" right?). I go to Clickbank, and they've recorded six. I look at the logs more closely just to make sure the spiders aren't following the links. Nope. These are all verifiable human beings.

I check the other hop links, and it's the same story. My server is clean as a whistle after an intensive security audit, changing of all passwords, including the database passwords. The other programs -- AdSense, CommissionSoup, Indeed -- are all performing to expectations.

What's going on? Should I take this up with Clickbank or would that be a lost cause?
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    lost cause.
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    I suspect they are visitors who have cookies turned off.

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    Basing anything on 44 hops is a total waste of time for everyone concerned.
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    I'm sure they'd give you a reassuring response that would make you think there's nothing wrong.

    The problems is, I been dealing with the very same Question: Is Clickbank stealing from me?

    Things don't make sense with CB. Period!


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    Could it be cookie stuffing going on?
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    it is POSSIBLE that those were people browsing with higher than normal security settings which disabled all cookies. But it should still count when they go through a hoplink, IMHO. However, the nr. of people who have all cookies off is really low, like 5% of all surfers maybe.
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      I can understand why you'd ask the question... It'd be hard to find out though
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        It's true that some people will disable their cookies. But like GeorgR said, this should be a small number of your visitors - only 6 recorded by ClickBank on a total of 44 seems a bit low.

        But I think you should wait to get more clicks before investigating further and, maybe, contacting ClickBank.

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    I had set up a site for a domain redirect through GoDaddy and found out that because of the frames, I was not given credit for any traffic.

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    • Originally Posted by Adam Rock View Post

      Do you use your own cloaking? If not, then it might be the cloaking site that is stealing from you.
      Yes, it's all on my server. I can count every hop, including the IP address. When I click the links, they work fine and take me to the vendor. I did it with a fresh browser (no cookies) and it took the cookies. I check the cookies out, and they have my affiliate ID in them just like they would with a normal link. There are no frames or anything like that. The hops are just not being counted.

      Another thing is that I've had over 500 hops (that they've counted -- about five times that according to my logs) in the past week on various products and not one sale. The whole thing is putting a bad taste in my mouth.
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    You think you have problems.

    Here's my stats for JULY:
    Total: (5) rows 93,073.00 1.00 0.00 0.00 1.00 $17.84 $0.00 $0.00 $17.84 $17.84 93,073.00 $0.00 100% 0.00% 0.00%

    93,073 hops and 1 sale.

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