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Several years ago I noted the company whose motto is "Do No Evil" was, ironically, the most heavily sanctioned company in the world. Sanctions to date will pale in comparison to the imminent EU anti-trust lawsuit:


With a focus on product searches the result should only benefit anyone promoting products online.

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    It might be a good time to scoop up some Google stock

    Like I always say 'Buy on Bad News, Sell on Good News'

    In terms of US and UK search markets, Google has it all sewn up. Sure, it's lagging the broader market this year in terms of stock growth but it definitely has a strong revenue base to fall back on if there's a correction.
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      Originally Posted by ZanyZebra View Post

      I'm betting that Google will end up having to pay a very large fine.
      However large the fine, it will be small change to them. They'll simply pay up and move on.

      Originally Posted by ZanyZebra View Post

      More importantly, I think they will end up having to change their business practices in Europe.
      True, and this has happened before (the so-called "right to be forgotten" for example), but they'll simply carry on regardless elsewhere. It's going to take some heavy-duty sanctions from US regulators to make them change their business model. Why? Because it works and makes them successful (and rich). Think about it for a moment: If you could be as wealthy and successful as Google, wouldn't you do what they're doing to boost your bottom line?
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    If Google had been founded in Europe they wouldn't be doing this. It's just a money grab.
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      Even though it makes me sick to even type this, in this instance I'm on Google's side.

      Hearing businesses whine about unfair online shopping/Android dominance, and filing anti-trust lawsuits is laughable.

      Google is a BUSINESS, not a social service.

      Anyone who believes otherwise deserves to go down the pan, they are idiots.

      The reason Google has 90% dominance on search is because YOU keep clicking them.
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