Marketing an ecommerce deals website to an Indian audience ?

by ku
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Hello all

First off, I had posted this question a couple of months back, when I had received suggestions to improve the design of the site.

Since then I have attempted to improve the design, functionality and user friendliness of site.

My Site: - Tracking flipkart for price changes. Flipkart Revealed!

Basically it tracks prices of the most popular eCommerce company in India (Flipkart), showing graphs of price changes, email alerts etc.

Overall I have received great response from people "very userful site" etc, even had people tweeting about it when I posted on a forum. But it suffered from technical issues, and the traffic reduced. Right now getting extremely low hits/day. Aiming to get more people to know about my website.

Can you please suggest some methods of promoting it ? I can spend, but the options are kind of overwhelming on warriors, and I don't know almost nothing about marketing.

Site Details:

1. Market: Audience from India only .
2. Similar website: - Not a competitor . This is for a different country
3. Niche: Ecommerce deals, price tracking

Thank you!
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  • Profile picture of the author Apra Barua
    YouTube promotion should be good option if you can create few short advertisement. Google adwords is the paid advertising route and if you have the budget you can do some offline advertising on newspapers and magazines. I must say that your website concept is very good.
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    Thank you Apra!
    I forgot to mention that I have tried adwords with mixed results.
    Right now I am looking to gain some search engine traffic. So exploring SEO services options..
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  • You just have to test different traffic source, and see which one works for your business..

    Some great ones (With GeoTargeting)

    Facebook Ads
    Youtube Ads
    Twitter Ads
    Solo Ads (Some people can do India only for you)
    (The secret traffic source revealed below - In the signature link)

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    Bind Ads : experimented with this as well. Mixed results again.
    Facebook and twitter ads : I think I'll try these in a future..

    A question : How much minimum should I be willing to spend for some SEO service , per month ? And what kind of results can I realistically expect from them ?

    For now I am willing to settle for average results.

    Feedback for my site has been great, and it would be great to get the word out there...

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    My Site: - Tracking flipkart for price changes. Flipkart Revealed!
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