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I have created a blog about green energy and I want to know your point of view about if this niche is worthy or not and how I can promote it ?

Thanks in advance
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    wouldn't this been a good question before you started the niche blog?

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  • If you can get traffic to it, it is a good niche. A certain group of people will spend ridiculous amounts of money to make themselves feel like they are being environmentally friendly. Like all sites, getting traffic will be your challenge.

    Good Luck

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    If you can get traffic to it, it is a good niche.
    Yeah, you should go for it!!
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      there are many "green" products to promote, check clickbank. I am promoting both info products and physical products on my website about green energy, i noticed that my customers are highly responsive so remember to build list. green energy is relatively new market with great potential in my opinion.

      good luck
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    If we told you it was a bad idea, would you abandon the site?


    "If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time" ~Steve Jobs~

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    your niche is surely good. now you have to focus on traffic target.
    read other blogs and make comments also invite them to visit your blog and leave their comments.
    it is a start to spreading link of your blog.
    you can also use WORD OF MOUTH method to tell people about your blog posts.
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    Sound good. You can promote your site by doing SEO. Beside the SEO, you have to write original & good content. Because if you write the original content, your site visitor will increase. You can choose the Do-follow link more & more than the No-follow link. Because the Do-follow link will increase your site traffic & Page Rank at the same time, while the no-Follow link increase your site site traffic only.
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    Why not? If you've already started, why not keep going?
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    Green Energy is huge and growing exponentially -- especially solar energy. If this is something you are truly passionate about and you don't mind the time it may take to start seeing good results then absolutely go for it.
    This is a great niche that will continue to expand faster and faster each and every year. It's going to be competitive, but the best is yet to come!
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  • If you go into the Clickbank marketplace, I believe they have some products on green energy that you can promote for great affiliate commissions...

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