Can someone from the US test if my link is working?

by Johnson Tay 9 replies
This is a CPA offer that will only show if the surfer is in the US.

Let me know if this link is working, and if you see anything.


Thanks in adv,
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    Yes, it is working.

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    Yes, it is working here also. A whole lot of pop-up windows, but it's working!
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    Works for me. I got no pop ups (I have two blockers running) and this is what I see:

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      Working from Ohio.
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        Working in San Diego.... 4 pop-ups when I close the window!
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          Hmm.... are they exit pop-ups?
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            Originally Posted by Johnson Tay View Post

            Hmm.... are they exit pop-ups?
            Yes.. each pops for me one at at time. The first popup comes up, then I close that, get another, etc. They are all from

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              Worked fine for me. Didn't get any pop-ups but I have a couple blockers that might have taken care of them.

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