How do you stay fully informed about your niche?

by jonb
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What kinds of systems do you use to stay on top of your niche? I want to create a "listening post" where a VA can keep a pulse on what's happening in my niche -- what's trending, what major announcements are being made, who the up-and-coming players are etc.

There are, of course, individual tools like Google Alerts and trending hashtag lists, but I'm looking for something simple, elegant and holistic. Perhaps something that can be built once, or a service or system that already exists.

Any ideas?
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    I use feedly.

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    I've always used blogs to stay informed. When I used to sell phones I had 2 blogs that I followed that gave me all of the information I needed. Blogs and News sites are what I use for my current niche as well. It keeps me more informed than most people in my field.
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    I guess subscribing to the most popular blogs in your niche is a good thing to do.

    There's also software such as buzzbundle which is helpful to see what people are talking about in your niche inreal-time. If you can train a VA to master that tool it could be incredibly valuable.
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    A unified platform that, via APIs, strategically converges Google Trends, Youtube Trends Map, Magazines.Com, Amazon Best Sellers, eBay Marketplace Research, Twitter Search, Social Lead Freak's Facebook Group and Facebook post search utilities, BuzzSumo, SocialMention, BoardReader, Keyword Snatcher, the Google Adwords Keyword Planner, the Bing Keyword Tool, SpyFu and the SEOMoz Open Site Explorer tool into a cohesive app with a simple to use and easy to understand GUI would be really cool!

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    Google alerts, joining email lists, Facebook groups and pages, visiting blogs and other relevant sites
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    I recommend using - really powerful!
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    A good tool is BuzzSumo - search your niche, your keywords, your competitors, large blogs in your niche and it will bring you back the most shared pieces of content.
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    is Ebook Niche Explorer still available and if so where can I download it?
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    You can find blogs in your niche, join forums, use search engines to research, and join people's newsletter that are in your niche.
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    Visiting niche related facebook pages and groups, having a feedly account and subscribing to niche related websites etc etc. It's also very important not to restrict yourself to a few blogs. You should always try looking out for different websites and content related to your niche, that will keep your mind open help you see things from different perspective.
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    I'd say it depends on the niche, but in any case, my 'golden rule' is to just stay close to my competition. Especially the big websites. For instance, say your niche is SEO, in that case the first big website I'd follow regularly would be, just to give an example..
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    I'd suggest using the internet
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    I've always operated my businesses from the perspectives that...

    1. I combine my interests/passions with commercial viability so that keeping up with my niches is easy since it aligns with an interest area in any case
    2. Your primary niches should be areas where you not just "keep up to date" but that you are actively participating, testing, trying and operating. The very best information entrepreneurs bring their own first-hand knowledge to a niche - they stay one step ahead of their competition not just keep up to them

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    google alerts
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      Yep, I agree with the Google Alerts assertion. It will keep you up to date on a continual basis throughout the day

      - Robert Andrew
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    I enjoy using Google Keyword Tool, it gives me information about my niche.
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    Google, Facebook, blogs, forums, there are plenty of ways to stay informed.

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    I keep a tab on my feedly per niche with websites and make sure to check that a few times a day. From time to time I also search for new blogs or websites (or even forums), using google and "top blog + niche" or "top websites of 2015 + niche" or other similar keywords. A great way to find new gems.

    Then I use google alerts for specific keywords I target or want to target in the future.

    I am also a member of several newsletters and try to stay updated with new ones coming out (also add a few using google from time to time).

    If possible I also read several books on the niche - check amazon top sellers and goodreads and other recommendations from websites that I follow.
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