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by Mrnace
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Hey Everyone.
I am just setting up a new page on my site to sell my ebook on. I am a little confused on how to automate the delivery of the book when taking payment through paypal.

I can't seem to figure it out.

Can any one help talk me through it? Thanks
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  • I usually tell people who are just starting out with selling their first eBook PDF etc,
    to simply manually deliver the pdf via email when someone buys it until sales pick up.

    This way you can get started faster, and make some money to invest into other solutions.

    Most people realistically won't end up selling more than one or two a day, and if you do,
    you will be miles ahead than 90 % of the new folks on this forum.

    From there you can deliver the pdf automatically to the customer if you log into paypal, and look under "tools" you can then "create a payment button." Paypal will allow you to send the paid customer to a success link. (download page, link to pdf, etc). You can set that up when you create a new button.

    Stepping it up a notch, you would sign up to JVZoo, Clickbank, and other market places where you would sell your product from, and at the same time deliver them to your customer on autopilot.

    However start with my first suggestion until sales pick up.

    But if you really want a walk through on doing it via Paypal, the best thing to do is log in, and follow "their" steps on creating a payment button.
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    If you are not using wordpress or a membership plugin... then the easiest way with the least amount of moving parts is either

    1. Link to your email autoresponder and have the delivery come in the email automatically.

    2. Set the redirect url after purchase in paypal and make a simple download page.

    Good luck
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    I am using wordpress.

    I installed a plugin to help, but its not redirecting for some reason with out clicking to go back to my website, it doesn't do it automatically.

    Totally confused.
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    I have managed to sort something out. But the buy now button can only be added onto a widget on my side bar rather than on my sales page.

    Its better than nothing though.
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    Well if you`re using wordpress, take a look at woocommerce. It is kind of complicated, but once you get everything setup, everything is automated. It also has the sandbox option, to check if the buy button works from start to finish.
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