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So, I am trying to get a blog ready to publish some stuff to. I want to build a pay per lead site. I have the content ready, just trying to pretty the site up a bit with a new theme. I created a header with my own little hands. Probably not the most artistic endevor ever, but it has the stuff I want on it, and I uploaded it. But it wouldn't show up. I unselected the description and selected header graphic, No Go! Changed themes, and again, no go.

Is it just me, or do other people have these stupid little problems with WordPress? It sure does get damn frustrating. I would like to get on to the publishing part, and SEO to make something out of this labor I put in to it. But I can't get off of first base with it.

</rant> Sorry, I just had to get it off of my chest. If anyone has any ideas, I am open to them and would welcome them. Thanks for reading my rant.
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    Reload the theme that you're using. Make sure you can see the header you want to change. Right click the header, and choose "view Image". When the header comes up in another window, check the file name and location. Make note of where it is, and simply replace your new header in the same location with the same name in your WP install. Make sure the typeof file and graphic size matches as well.
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    Still can't get it to work.

    Tim Pears

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    What theme you are using? Free?
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    This might be too simple, and you probably already know this, but who knows it might be the cause of your problems.

    When you make a change through CSS, make sure you click refresh and not just click on your logo or another link on the page as your way of refreshing.
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    What theme are you using?
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      Originally Posted by mjsca07 View Post

      What theme are you using?
      Currently Typal, I had I tried Academica first. They both have the capacity to use a header graphic, but neither one would display it.

      Tim Pears

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        Originally Posted by timpears View Post

        Currently Typal, I had I tried Academica first. They both have the capacity to use a header graphic, but neither one would display it.
        If you're having trouble with two different themes, it's probably user error. Try using FTP to upload, as well as your CPanel interface if you have one. And like I said, make sure the filenames and types are the same. Also, is your graphic saved the right way? RGB and not CYMK?
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      You must have a file location for the header image right? Take the location and put it in src and href tags specifying image size and put the chunk of HTMl in header.php. That should do it.

      Disclaimer: I don't seem to understand the entire nature of your problem though...a bit confused here. If you need help you can PM me.
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    If you post this in the Website Design forum you will get the step-by-step help you need.

    Website Design
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    The most important is the theme. Can you try to install some quality wordpress theme?
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      WordPress has always given me the 'sh_ts'. It's slow... and it's cumbersome

      Out of necessity, I have one WordPress site, only because I needed and true 'blog' site.

      But for all my product websites, squeeze pages etc. I use a HTML site builder called '90 Second Website Builder' (no affiliation)

      I've been making money online for over 12 years, and this app. is THE best site builder I have ever come across.

      You can do just about anything with it.
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    WordPress has always given me the 'sh_ts'. It's slow... and it's cumbersome
    WordPress is so simple and easy to use I could teach a monkey to use it.

    If you have a decent theme then there will be tutorials or support available.

    Did you clear your cache after the change?
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    If you have any caching plugins, you might need to turn them off and refresh the page.
    Alternatively, open your site in a new browser (if you're using chrome, open it in firefox etc) to see if it's a caching issue.

    Is the img tag in your html pointing to the location of the image on your server?

    If you uploaded and selected the image via an admin menu, maybe you missed a check box or an option to make the image live.

    You could find the name of the current header, upload your and rename it to the old header name (make sure it's the same file type, i.e jpg, png, gif etc.)

    Those are just off the top of my head, good luck.
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    Simple solution -

    Here's what I've done - hover over the existing image in
    the place you want yours. Note the filename location and

    Rename your file that name, then upload via FTP and
    overwrite the existing file with your new image.

    Problem solved.

    And if that doesn't work, though it will, fork over $5
    to someone who knows what they're doing and you'll
    be good to go in about 2 hours.

    Your time is worth more.
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      Usually there is a setting in your dasboard to change the header image (this may be over-riden if there is a similar option under theme options). If that doesn't work, its possible that someone changed the code in header.php so that instead of php calling the image url that is determined there, that it calls a single file. In otherwise perhaps they hard coded in the name. If so you can just change it there.
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