Do you post the same articles on EZA & Blog?

by Stephen Saha 7 replies
Hi Warriors,

Do you post the same article on your blog as well as on EZA or other Article Directories?
Is it technically OK?

I have often found the same article posted in multiple Article sites. Now do you also publish the same article on your blogs/sites?


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    Many people you will talk to will give you different opinions on this - what I have found to be the most effective way to go about submitting articles is to submit it to EZA and get it approved.

    Once it is approved and running on EZA then you can go ahead and start publishing it other places on the internet.

    From my personal experience, if you are just submitting your articles to EZA then you are doing nothing wrong but if you need content for anything you always have your articles.
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    In the past I used to post the same article on blog and EZA, but now I don't. Because I feel that your blog reader will want to hear a more personal touch from you... and therefore, i will always write a different for my blog.

    You can use the same topic from your EZA articles, and expand, rewrite them into blog posts to give your blog readers more information.
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  • Profile picture of the author Gunter Eibl
    You can do that, no problem. You have better success though submitting unique articles to directories.

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      The best way is to submit unique articles to different directories... EZA is the absolute best one though.
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        If you really had a choice and you had the ability to follow through with that choice...

        You would want to submit unique content wherever possible.

        Now, not everybody can actually do this as it could be costly and time-consuming if you write your own articles.

        So the next best thing would be to submit unique content to EZA, and unique content to your own blog.

        As far as other sites are concerned with duplicate content, this is exactly what RSS feeds do. They plaster duplicate content all over the Internet.

        Just take a look at some of the largest authority sites on the Internet. There driven through content associated with RSS feeds.

        Frank Bruno
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          I do and I have no problem with it. My articles already have kind of a personal touch to them as well. It's of course not the only content I use on my blogs though. As for the duplicate content issue, I think that "issue" is WAY over rated on this small of a just don't have to worry about doing that just yet. And Frank is a top notch SEO guy, and makes a very good point about RSS feeds too...and have my feeds all over the place!
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            Thats some interesting finding. Most of you prefer unique content for EZA and a personalised blog content.

            As Frank mentioned its tough to get so much unique content. So RSS can help.
            But do the RSS published get the same mileage as the regular published ones?

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