Just got accepted into the EPN...

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Just wondering if anyone has any advice for a newbie EPN'er? Anythings in particular I should... and should not do (that might not be obvious to me right now)?
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    1) Do NOT Install BANS on your sites. The script footprint has been identified by Google and almost all BANS sites are given a sever penalty for that.

    2) Use phpBay (API is ok, but I feel Wordpress is More Flexible)

    3) Target sites with a Market Samurai SEOT value of 300 or more and 150,000 or less competing pages on phrase match if you are looking to make small amounts of money quickly across a lot of sites.

    4) Target sites with 8,000 or more SEOT value 3M or less competing pages if you can SEO the heck out of sites and are willing to put in a few months of time with zero return in order to get big traffic and returns down the line.

    5) Don't try to run a PPC campaign to Ebay...it's very very difficult to make profitable.
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      Thanks for the advice. Don't know what most of that stuff is yet... but I will shortly...
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        I was accepted into the EPN a while back too...never used it though. I just logged in to see if the account was still active and it is. I should try out this PHPBay stuff. Does anyone here make much money with this technique?
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