Affiliate program without software, makes any sense?

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I am thinking of hiring few personally selected affiliates to promote my services (business counselling/coaching), but not sure if simply putting the software on is a good idea (I would really like to only work with selected affiliates and make it exclusive cooperation project, not advertise too publicly).

How do you think, would simply negotiating with affiliates and providing them personal code (which clients would include in their subscription, receive discount or some other bonus in exchange to encourage them include it every time) work well enough?
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    Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, you could just offer the product through an established platform (such as, for example, JVZoo), and tweak the settings so that the affiliate opportunity is not available to the public. Then, invite your affiliates, approve them individually, boom.
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    I'm checking JVZoo right now and it looks really good indeed! Thanks a lot!
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    Successfully created the program, took just a couple hours. Thanks again!
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    Software has the highest margins in the affiliate industry. ClickCash has generated over one billion dollars in revenue for its webmasters and affiliates. The creator and innovator of adult affiliate programs, ClickCash has delivered consecutive uninterrupted weekly payments to affiliates around the globe.
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