SAAS service for automating detecting broken links on website.

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We are prototyping a service which scans subscribers' websites for broken links.The service runs periodically, autonomously in the background. When broken links are detected, some sort of notifications are sent (email, SMS, etc) to the subscriber, otherwise the service remains silent when no link is broken.

The service scans every 12 hours, or a scan can be kicked off manually in the dashboard if necessary.

We plan to charge 9.99USD/per month for a site that contains <=1000 links in total. Is anyone interested in such a service here? Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome.

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    Please read the main forum rules. Self promotion in posts is not allowed. Go to the paid sections of the forum and you can talk all you want about your service.



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    Yeah, Steve is right.....but I'll answer you anyway.

    There are lots of free websites out there that do the same thing, so I do not think you'll do well with that as a standalone product. If it did that and let's say, reputation monitoring, keyword analysis and rank checks from the major you have something worth considering.

    Good luck though.

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      Thank you kk075 for your suggestions!

      Thanks Steve for pointing out the issue. Although I can't find a way to delete the thread.
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