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Does anyone know of a software that once your video is done playing that it shows a screen with more of your videos as options for the viewer to watch instead of youtube's recommended list?
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    You don't actually need a piece of software to do this ...
    Here's a video that can guide you on how to show your own videos as suggested videos at the end of your embedded video, instead of showing videos of others ...

    You can also try this free online tool so as to conveniently generate embed codes for your Youtube videos =>> YouTube Custom Embed Generator

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      Michael- You're the man. Thanks for responding with this.
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    The above video that Michael linked to only works for people embedding the video on a website. That won't have any effect at all on people watching the video on YouTube.

    I don't think there's a way to stop those suggested videos appearing. But what you can do is to create what's called an outro at the end of your video. So you'd create a graphic that fills the screen and on the graphic you'd put thumbs of 2-3 vids you'd like to promote plus maybe a subscribe button. Then with your video editing software, get that graphic to display on the screen for the last 30 seconds of your video. You can make those thumbs and subscriber graphics clickable using the annotations feature. You can also record your voice saying, click here for more of my videos.
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