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What is the upload limit file size in fiverr. What types of files are supported.

If I deliver the work with in 3 hour,do I have to wait for 7 days for my payment ?
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    Why are you asking Fiverr support questions here? Surely Fiverr provides that information to it's providers.
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    When you will try to upload the file on Fiverr, the fiver will show you about the limitation, if there is any. You can send any file, there is no problem to add any file.

    After completing the work, you have to submit the work to get payment early. Thanks
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    This might be my first I wanted to know actually.
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    150MB is the max file size for a gig delivery, pretty much any format is accepted. If in doubt, you can always just put the format inside a compressed ZIP file.

    I believe it takes up to 14 days for money to clear.
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    Its really take 15 full day to get money in my PayPal ?
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    You can deliver up to 150MB in orders (100MB for a single file) and a 30MB limit on message attachments.
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    Please anyone answer my last message.
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