Complete Newbie: Where do I start?

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Hi Everyone,

I feel very fortunate that I have found this forum very early in my internet marketing journey.
I am very new to IM and I am clueless with regards to where do I start. I am looking for direction with regards to the best place to go to learn about IM.
I was looking at joining Wealthy Affiliate or MMM but after reading some of the threads and posts about these programs I have decided to look elsewhere.
Thanks to this forum and reading threads, I have developed a plan of attack and I have formed a strategy. If you can offer your opinion or any advice it would be appreciated.


1. Take the 30 Day challenge.
2. Sign up to Affilorama.
3. Spend at least an hour each day reading the posts and gaining as much knowledge as possible from this forum.
4. Post and contribute to the forum. Aim to build up to 20 posts and then more.
5. Once I have a background in Internet marketing after completing the 30 day challenge / Affilorama then join the War room.

P.S - What is a goober? Is this someone who is an experienced IM ?
P.P.S - I told you I was a complete novice!!!

Thank you in advance to anyone who reads this and is kind enough to post.


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    Seems like a good strategy. Follow it and it should give you a place to begin a money-filled career.

    P.S. I do believe a goober is an experienced IM.
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    Hey, I'm a noob too and don't know a whole lot.....but I do know that "goober" is supposed to be some silly code for "g-u-r-u". For some reason if you type that word regularly, without the dashes like I just did, the board will automatically change it to goober. Why they do this is beyond me......some sort of inside joke designed to annoy newbies maybe? I know there's some other ones too like bluefart, I forget what that one is though. Consider yourself lucky someone pointed this out to you, when I asked the same question I didn't get a straight answer right away, instead I had a couple people torture me with more stupid jokes. But there's lots of cool people on here, you're in the right place to get help. Good luck!

    PS by the way, I've heard nothing but good things about the 30 day challenge, so you're off to a good start by watching those videos. I'm in the middle of watching the ones from last year myself.
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    Bluefart = Black-hat

    And yes these are meant to be some what funny... I think it's hilarious because there are posts every day mentioning these phrases. Just goes to show how many people use these words.

    Yes your strategy is good but don't wait. You can get started right now by going and securing your names in Twitter; FaceBook and YouTube. Set up those channels using your full name. Then as Perry Belcher says, come join the party and let people know your alive

    The 30 Day Challenge is a great place to start...

    Mike Hill
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    Your question is very vague. Are you a newbie at the computers and the Internet too? Are you right a newbie at the marketing of Internet? Do you know something about the design Web of sale ......? ? ?
    The sale of Internet is business with multiple facets. The FIRST thing that you MUST carry out before you obtained even started is that They IS BUSINESS! It is not a rich fast arrangement of obtaining. If you remember this and are been willing to work with him, you can succeed. But be honest with yourself before you waste time - you are been willing to make your hour to establish business or not? 95% people this beginning never do it in this business.
    This being indicated, if you decide to give him a test, IM is composed of many fields specialization (several enumerated below). There is abundance of free information available through the Internet so that a beginner starts. You register for bulletins, seek the Web, obtain the free ebooks and videos and study the enumerated sectors, unite the forum. But made attention very not obtain stuck with the "overload of information". Select a small sector of IM which you think that you would like to start and OBTAIN STARTED - do something!
    Fields of specialization for IM:
    Design/building of web site
    #emails of sale, Adwords and all other PC, pages of sales, etc.#
    SEO - Optimization of search engine
    Web 2.0 - "social" web sites and services bookmarking
    Advance of the results
    Writing of article
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    I have to say I really commend you. YOU HAVE A PLAN! Most newbie marketers chase opportunity after opportunity with starry eyes then get let down when they don't make money quickly enough, or they buy info product after info product and never take action, or (insert lame excuse here)...

    Now that you have that plan, don't get distracted by Shiny Things. Internet Marketing is FILLED with Shiny Things, which often present themselves in a gotta-have-this-NOW-or-it-will-go-away-for-the-rest-of-forever sort of way. Making money is easy... but only after you've done your grunt work.

    I'm glad you stayed away from MMM (this was my first newbie mistake). Remember to keep your credit card locked away and out of sight. It will be tempting, but believe me when I say that I am currently strapped for cash - and yet, so far I'm making it fine on my own, only taking money out to pay for hosting/autoresponder.

    Make a To-Do list each night for the next day. Put no more than five things for now... if you accomplish more than that, great, but don't set the bar too high.

    Get enough sleep, too. I learned the hard way - I used to stay up till 6 am working my ass off and producing sub-par work, but then when I got more sleep... well let's just say I managed a LOT better when taking care of myself

    Stay organized, focused, energized and optimistic. The first website is the hardest. Don't get disappointed or discouraged if you don't make the money you want right away - just keep working till you do

    In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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    Good that you are trying to figure out a plan. I would suggest that you take up ONE thing and follow it through. I dont know how much time you have on your hands, but even going through affilorama & 30 day challenge together would seem quite a bit. I would say....sign up for one of them....and work your way through. Dont think of 'signing up' to many things....thats what prevents most people from being successfull...pick up one proven training course...and follow it through to the end by putting it into action.

    You shall Remember the LORD your God, for it is He who gives you Power to get Wealth
    - Deuteronomy 8:18

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      You can find a lot of info right here in the forum. Take a look at this for example:

      Check out the various options and sub categories available in internet marketing.

      You shall Remember the LORD your God, for it is He who gives you Power to get Wealth
      - Deuteronomy 8:18

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    Hi Wilco, your plan sounds great. Just one thought ... measure your success and reward yourslf for it.

    This keeps the motivation going which is especially important for newbies .. especially during those times when you seem to be hitting a brick wall... it happens everyone so being mentally prepared for it is the best way to hammer your way through it when it does come.

    Best of luck
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      Hi All,

      Thank you all for taking the time to post your opinions and advice, much appreciated and Ive taken your suggestions on board .

      Superbiz: I will take your advice and do one program at a time. Excellent link to more info on starting up with IM - awesome -Cheers.

      Moneysoapbox: Great info. I will make a to do list of 5 -6 things to do each day and make sure I get plenty of rest. Prioritise your tasks is very important.

      Thank you one and all,

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