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People buy from those they know, trust, and like. Salesmen chase people away. So don't sell on Twitter, just make friends. Talk about anything funny, interesting, fun, what you like and don't like, send out cool quotes. Then 1 out of 10 posts, invite them to your blog or website and ask their opinion on it, ask them to comment, or just share an informative site. You are gradually building relationships and becoming popular. More of my best Twitter tips are posted on my blog (link below).

Add your favorite Twitter Tips?
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    Out of all the Twitter posts here, this one is right on the ball!!! Do as Kevin suggests and you'll do good!

    Out of all "ur" tweets only about 5% should be a "sell" link! And the other 95% before that, should be of real VALUE to your followers!

    *note- I'm on Twitter so much...that I don't even spell "your" properly anymore! lol
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    Great tip Kevin. Only drawback it takes time
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      Be yourself and be authentic. Build relationships and don't act like a spammer.
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      Originally Posted by Ron Killian View Post

      Great tip Kevin. Only drawback it takes time
      Sometimes, Time is what it takes as everyone seems to always be looking for a quick fix when they should be looking for a long term goal.

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    Originally Posted by Kevin Thomas Marketing View Post

    Add your favorite Twitter Tips?
    It's ALWAYS about THEM - not about you!

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    Hi Kevin,

    Your way will work and it is that same procedure that I follow

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    Will this work only for the type of people who do really well in social settings? What about your typical not-charismatic introvert?
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    Twitter have just released their own guide to using twitter for business.
    It has tips, case studies, and more.

    See Twitter 101 for Business ? A Special Guide

    Cheers, Eric G.

    The biggest benefit of the internet is that almost everything can be automated.
    The biggest curse of the internet is that almost everything can be automated.

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    Thanks, a great tip!
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    I completely agree. If you sell to people all the time on twitter they will get annoyed and will eventually not take you seriously or just quite following you completely.

    Steven B
    E-marketing Mastermind

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    Hi Kevin,

    You're right on the money.

    Too many IMers think that making money means selling. With resources like Twitter you sell much more when you just make yourself the go-to person in your niche, rather than pumping out links you want people to click.

    It's the typical IM mindset, try and build a list and then send them links to click and buy - it's the lowest common denominator method of marketing, you can do it but it's not a fulfilling model.

    If you just use these resources in the way they're intended it's easy to have people asking you to sell them stuff and you don't need to do any selling.


    nothing to see here.

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    You are absolutely right. Twitter is a way for people to "connect" to each other. Just like email marketing, you want to get to their hearts and minds before you grab for their pocket book.

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