Comission of CPA converted appears on dashboard, when?

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Hi everyone, I am a newbie, starting with CPA offers in Maxbounty.
My question is : If somebody take action , for example a CPA offer that converts with one page submit, if someone fill the form, does the commission appears at the same time on my dashboard account, or it takes some time? I think every time someone click to the cpa page offers comes out in real time, but if this person complete the action I am not sure if it will be seen in real time as well.
Thank you
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    hi brassard
    it probably takes a little time, but why does it matter?
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      hi pietjeplukt, thanks for your reply
      It is my first campaign and experience, I m trying to figure it out how everything work. I got some clicks to some CPA offers I am promoting, but was wondering if some of them converted or no.
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      If someone clicks on the offer from my landing page and complete the action. the comission of this particular CPA will be seen on my dashboard one week later? is it correct? thanks
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        did you ever think that this might be better answered by maxbounty


        Broken promises don't upset me. I just think, why did they believe me?
        ~Jack Handey~

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    CPA mostly counts after 1000 takes a week to show you CPA results
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    It does not a matter. But it takes a little time at least 7 days. So don't worry.
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    It's pretty much in real time.

    Curious as to where these other numbers people are pulling up are coming from...

    Let alone if they've ever even made a conversion with a CPA offer?
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    Leads and sales are tracked in real time in our database, but the stats shown in the MaxBounty affiliate interface refresh every 5 minutes. So there's up to a 5 minute delay in reporting a lead/sale to you.

    A handful of campaigns do not track in real time due to advertiser limitations. Typically this is disclosed in the campaign description.
    Signature is a CPA network that pays weekly.
    The largest rewards program in CPA – solely for MaxBounty affiliates!
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