How to find what people are struggling with?

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Hello Warriors!

OK, so before starting a blog/website or entering a niche market, we always hear this golden rule: "Solve people's problems/pains/struggles."

So my question is, what techniques/strategies did you use to FIND what it is that people are struggling with?

I know people want to lose weight or learn how to make money online; but how do you find specific struggles and one that is on demand?

If there's a Warrior Forum tread you can point me to, that would help as well; but I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks everyone!
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    So my question is, what techniques/strategies did you use to FIND what it is that people are struggling with?
    A LOT of research.
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    Specific niche forums would be a great place to start. In forums, there are people asking questions and there are people answering questions. And why are they asking questions? Because they are struggling to find a solution.

    So start with forums.
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    Warren, you can just start with yourself. What do you struggle with? What have you struggled and overcome by yourself?
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    Originally Posted by jcwarriorwrc View Post

    So my question is, what techniques/strategies did you use to FIND what it is that people are struggling with?
    Start trying to do what they want to do.

    Like, let's say you want to get into weight loss. You don't have to be a hundred pounds overweight. Just say "okay, I'm going to lose ten pounds." And then go about doing that. Start watching your scale and mdifying your diet and trying to lose ten pounds.

    Whenever something's hard for you - that's probably hard for them, too. Write it down. Do your research. if you try something that doesn't work? Write it down.

    Even if you find it pretty easy, write down what you did. Maybe you got lucky.

    Then go get a couple of other people and help them lose ten pounds. Make sure your advice works for them, too.

    It shouldn't be hard to find two people who want to lose ten pounds, right?

    Being there and experiencing what they experience is crucial, because YOUR STORY will resonate with them more than something you read in a book or on the internet. You can read fifty weight loss blogs and memorise every single post, it won't matter as much as "here is MY story."

    Now, granted - not the only way to do it. Maybe not even the best way to do it. But it's the way I do it, because i don't enter a niche I don't personally find interesting. Your mileage may vary.
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      Of course the obvious answer is find the forums that match the niche/topic you're aiming at.

      90% of the people are talking about nothing but problems, challenges and obstacles they or others currently face (including this forum). Forums are the modern day gold mine if you know how to pan and dig out 'profitable' problems (pardon the puns).

      Forums don't always have the best answers, but they almost always have the most current and pressing problems - to start your research.

      You can also discover that golden nugget of a niche. Hint: A unique problem someone has that no one can answer .. or answer fully. That's your money ... if you can find and explain the solution in a book, video, course or seminar.

      I guarantee most forums (including this one) have these problems now. Unfortunately, most people ignore the opportunity hidden in them, because their often disguised as work and extra effort.
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    A good way to go about this would be to write a list of things you have struggled with in the past and what you did to overcome these struggles.

    It could be how you lost weight, quit smoking, beat depression, got a girlfriend, or dealt with an addiction. Experience in a market can give you some edge over others in the same field and it will help you tweak the idea to find out what will make people go through with a purchase.
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    You can search Yahoo Answers and Craigslist community and discussion forum.

    This is going to take commitment to research, research, and more research.

    The name of the game is to listen what people are saying and then you can create your product .
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      sometimes I feel information really overload online.

      I have been asking myself...

      a lot FREE information are available online

      from losing weight to earn money online in fact.

      and will people buy your product?

      I also read various WSO...

      in fact " Most of the WSO talk the same ......they just twist and turn the words look new like that but the concept is the same"
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    Thanks everyone for the helpful advice and information. I appreciate them tremendously!
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    Do research.
    Look for people who need help in forum, and you can try yahoo answer as well
    I am sure there is a lot of things around the web, you have to put effort in finding it.
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