Can you make LOTS of money as an affiliate, instead of having your own product?

by mg1000
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I signed up to an IM course and the tutorials go into creating your own products.

And so Ive started creating my own products and I have to say it is HARD! and slow too. Every little detail between the auto responders and the articles and creating the product, the sales letters, the graphics, the site layout, and little teaser giveaways.
Ive been working on a product for a month and its still not ready.

Im thinking about just not creating my own products and promoting others. This way I can just get to work instead of being held back.
But who makes the most money? Affiliates or the site owners who own the product?
or is it all equal?

I guess i need someones blessing that you can make lots of money promoting other peoples clickbank products instead of having your own.
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    IMO it is much better to start with affiliate products, and then when you know what you are doing and you know what works - start building your own products.

    You can definitely make a very good income selling affiliate products.

    And don't limit yourself to clickbank....
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    I think getting our own product online is always the best, because we don't need to share and worry that the company we promote cheat on us.

    I know it is taking much time to tweak and get the product up online, but it will pay off well.
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    Selling your own products has to be the best.

    You are in full control of the sales page and all the other bits and pieces that go with the process.

    OK, you have to make a product - but you could always employ someone to help you create the products if you can't do it yourself.
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      Think of it like this. You can be an affiliate and make good money or you can be the website owner and have your own army of affiliates promoting your products and making you more money around the clock. Then the affiliates do the hard work and you cash in if you have a good product. You want to work your way to becoming the Clickbank Vendor. This is where I believe the most money is.

      A month to create your own product and website is not that long. Don't give up on creating your own products!

      If you take 2 months to create at product that is still 6 products a year compared to the zero products most people will never even start.

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    Originally Posted by mg1000 View Post

    who makes the most money?
    Affiliates or the site owners who own the product?

    Who do you think makes more money:

    The Gatorade Company or a gas station selling Gatorade?
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      Originally Posted by Emmanuel Betinis View Post

      Who do you think makes more money:

      The Gatorade Company or a gas station selling Gatorade?
      LOL... whilst I appreciate your point. That is a terrible analogy..

      @The OP

      YES, you can make HUGE money as an affiliate. Take it from me, you can do much worse than create a stable set of affiliate sales funnels...

      I've enjoyed having my own products, but I am an affiliate at heart and it still is my number one strategy when breaking into a niche.



      Bare Murkage.........

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      Originally Posted by Emmanuel Betinis View Post

      Who do you think makes more money:

      The Gatorade Company or a gas station selling Gatorade?
      Who do you think makes more money:
      The Gatorade company or WalMart?

      "you got to keep fighting, keep believing and never give up in order to succeed"
      Tim Gorman

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        If you are just starting, affiliate program is the key. Why did I say so? Whether you are promoting your own product or affiliate program, it is good marketing that will help you to make sales. A good affiliate program will provide you good training and resources for promotions. You just add your own creativity to the marketing.

        That way you are not alone. Affiliate program also provide you the opportunity of getting someone to mentor you free.

        In future you can always get someone to create (outsource) a product if you still want to promote your own product. My friend, focus on learning marketing skill that will generate sales and start with affiliate program.
        For Information on how you can attract targeted visitors to your website from the Search Engines consistently without spending a dime, Visit:
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    The product creation process certainly takes time. Have you thought about outsourcing some of the tasks. You would surely get the sales letter, articles and autoresponders done for less than a $200.

    It could be a worthwhile spend. You would begin to see progress and perhap become more motivated. You've stuck it out for a month, why give up on it now? In another couple of weeks your product could be ready to sell and that's when the real fun begins.
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    You can generate a very healthy income with affiliate marketing but you should focus on creating your own product once you get a foothold in that niche.
    having your own product provides you much more control,you get recognised as an expert in that niche and you have the opportunity to take the leverage of other affiliates.
    Yes,it takes time and efforts to create your own product but here you have the option of outsourcing.
    you can outsource almost everything:from product creation to just have to focus on getting JV partners and publishizing your product.
    Overall ,you can make many times as a product owner than as an affiliate.
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    I love affiliate marketing it definiately gets cash in the bank quicker from the start however owning your own product in the long run works very well!!

    Good luck

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    YES, why not ?? Infact there are millions of affiliates around the whole world. There are also alot of successful affiliate marketeers earning big steady income. For me i personally feel that being an affiliate is better...because i dont need to do customer service, worry about the stock count...etc... my job is to drive TRAFFIC for the company...
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    The ones that make most money is IMers
    who have their own aswell as affiliate products.

    It is a combination. The succes is in the list.
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    I was going to say the same thing as Igor - do both. Selling products is fantastic as you get to keep 100% of the proceeds, and you also don't have to wait for cashouts or depend greatly on any third parties.

    At the same time, there are some established products out there where the commission is about the same as you'll get selling your own products. By doing affiliate marketing you also enable targeting of many more niches than you could ever target solely with your own products.

    To get the most success, find your own particular methods of marketing, and choose or create offerings that fit the marketing methods that work for you.
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    Your own product is the best. If you create it, it's unique (or at least should be if it's going to sell).
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    It may surprise you if i say a big YEEESSS to that question... People are really making a lot of money selling other people's product. In my own opinion as a newbie what you need is to start with other people's product. That way you can save a lot of time and cost.

    Beside even if you have your own product that doesnt mean you are going to earn income from it. Traffic is all you need, even if you have the worst product you can still do considerably well when you know how to drive the right amount of traffic to your site. Visit the Plug in Profit Site for more information on how to use other peoples product to make a fortune with out any out of pocket cost.
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    I agree with the others who have recommended starting with affiliate marketing. There is a lot of stuff out there and it can get overwhelming. Affiliate marketing will help you learn the ropes and you can make a very good income from it(often at very little out pocket cost. Check the links in my sig for some very good info. Best of luck to you.
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        Unfortunately, you're right about a lot of the products being crap. I won't promote a product unless I think it's worth promoting myself. My post to AzOnlineMarketing sums up the rest of my position on things. One thing to keep in mind about selling your own product is that a) you have to deal with all the "banking" side of things, deliveries(no prob if it's something that's downloadable), dealing with customer refunds(we all know it will happen). In addition, if you want to make truly huge bucks with it, you need to set up an affiliate program for it and manage that as well.
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      I've no disagreement with you there. However, there is a lot to learn about marketing online. If you're a newbie affiliate marketing is a great way to learn without breaking the bank. On of these days I'll certainly look into creating my own product but not until I've got the marketing side of things down.
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    Do both. Set up some affiliate stuff which creating your own. I have made more in one day on my own stuff than months as affiliate tho. I know it more than someone elses stuff and can sell it better.
    I have no agenda but to help those in the same situation. This I feel will pay the bills.
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