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Hi, I am looking for some insight on the best way to get sales in video marketing for local businesses.

We have done whiteboard animations previously and market them through email, but what other methods do you suggest? Main issue is we are in the UK and targeting US company's. Businesses in England cannot see what a video could do for them, unlike American businesses who seem to love them.

We are targeting car dealerships, restaurants, photographers and automotive garages.

Any suggestions? We are thinking about Facebook Ads.
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    Have you tried direct sales through an outbound sales call center? Since these are B2B deals, 'do not call' regulations don't apply. You can hire an offshore call center in the Philippines for as little as $750 to $1000 per seat. Depending on your price point this can yield a decent ROI per seat.
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    We've been getting good results from PR campaigns, LinkedIn PPC ads, LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and LinkedIn InMails for our own B2B marketing campaigns, as well as for the B2B marketing campaigns that we formulate and execute for our clients ...

    EDIT: Private ad placements in heavily trafficked sites, blogs and social communities that are relevant to the target audiences of our clients are also generating significant results ...

    Contact Me HERE...

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    Reconsider the UK market. Bags of opportunity, because, on the whole, the competition knows zilch about video marketing. How do you approach it? Let me give you an example. You have a bunch of hotels on page #1 for a local term. Those websites have, say, been around for 10 years, some of them at any rate. Do you think it would be hard for me to rank a video for that term? Usually, it's very easy.. And on that video, I could promote a competing hotel. It may have taken months or years to get a website in that position. I can often do it in hours, days at the most, with a video. Learn to do that, and you won't be short of business.


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