IE7 - downloads won't complete

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Since a day or two ago any download using IE7 fails to
complete in that it hangs (not responding) after reaching
the end of the download process. However the file is
completely downloaded.

A system restore to (I think) a previously working state did not help

Any ideas please ?

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    IE 7 sucks when it comes to downloading, at least from my own experience.

    I've given up on IE and switched over to FF.
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      Originally Posted by Johnson Tay View Post

      IE 7 sucks when it comes to downloading, at least from my own experience.
      It has worked fine for me in the past. The problem has just started.
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    Hi Harvey,

    Try deleting all of the temporary files on your computer - are you running Windows? If so, then in your Start Menu / Programs / Accessories / System Tools / Disk Cleanup

    ...the Disk Cleanup will delete temporary files on your computer.

    Sometimes they build up to HUGE files.

    In your browser options in IE 7, it's also worth deleting temporary files through there as well.

    Sometimes when downloads hangs at the end of a download it's because the browser is moving the file from a temporary area into the location you saved it in.

    I'm not sure if cleaning out the temporary folders will fix this, but it may do!

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