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Hi I have searched the web for 2 days and downloaded numerous plugins and I am still no closer to finding out how to add a flash video I made with camtasia to a wordpress website is there anybody out there that can enlighten me .


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    If it is a SWF file, probably the easiest way is if you can convert it to FLV. You can then use Vipers Video Quicktags to add it to a post or page.

    Here's the plugin: WordPress › Viper's Video Quicktags WordPress Plugins
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    Hi Dave,
    As Kezz mentioned first convert it to flash and you'll be good to go. The plugin I have setup for several clients is Easy Inline SWF .... Blog Archive Easy SWF Plugin 1.1

    All of them have liked it and I've never received a single support issue after I show them how to use it. FYI, I haven't tried it on any site newer than 2.5 so not sure if 2.8 will have issue with it or not.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards,
    Mike Allton
    ASU Service, Inc.
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    I use FLV Embed... and it works for both flash and MP4 videos... Great plugin and extremely easy to use. Just go to then go to Extend and click on Plugins and do a search for it.

    Oh wait, here's the direct link WordPress › FLV Embed WordPress Plugins

    Mike Hill
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    Hey Dave,

    There are so many out there and it's increasing everyday. Some versions work really well and many that don't work at all. Some are clunky and "techy" while others are smooth no-brainers but impose their advertising. Many are highly customizable. To top it off, there are multiple configurations associated with the different plugins too.

    Sounds like double talk doesn't it? :confused:

    For example, one plugin's early code revisions won't work with your version of Wordpress. You should check your version of Wordpress and make sure the author(s) of the plugin is actually compatible. You may need to upgrade/downgrade one or the other.

    I've tested so many I can't even keep track any more, but try these two out for size:

    Kaltura's All in One Video Pack Sidebar Widget:
    It's an easy install but be cautioned. You may be uneasy with their TOS.

    Isa Goksu's PRO Player
    Display videos from various online sources in a Custom FLV Player:
    It's easy also and can get you going in a flash (pun intended).
    You just have to deal with the watermark on your vids unless you upgrade.
    Note: I benchmarked this one for my more advanced Wordpress MU sites and it performed nicely for all the bloggers.

    I like FLV EMBED that Mike mentioned in the previous post too.

    Additionally there are other ways to configure Wordpress to play a videos depending whether you're coming from, environment, or a hybrid. But you didn't ask that and it's a different discussion altogether.

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    I really like WordTube - or is it called Tube Press? Anyway, regardless, you just give it the URL of your video and it's got a sexy player and all kinds of options and its own media type. It's rad.
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