Viral Site : Does Domain Extension Important?

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I am planning to make a viral site which might have a countries extension.

Example : .IN (india) or .UK (united kingdom)

The reason is that the domain name I chose has something to do with the extension> I am using word that will be completed with the extensions letter.

Will this be a problem for search engine? I mean if I chose .IN does that mean it will make Google to read as it is an Indian site. I am very much confused. Please help.

Or should I go with .org extension. I have never seen any other domain extension other that .com or .net in Google Search.
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    If you want to make a commercial website it is better to choose a .com one. People are used to websites with this extension, even if you are doing for localized businesses.
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    I want to make a viral website with viral posts like : "How Government is fooling us about Marijuana" . The domain name I chose is like :

    Need some fun? visit

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      WHERE is your target market?

      If in the general area of India, it's fine. If you are targeting U.S. (as most here seem to be doing) the .in isn't a good idea.
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    As it is a viral site I will be get my traffic scatterly but I want to get traffic from Tier 1 countries like US,UK,CA,DE

    Need some fun? visit

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    I assume when you said Viral, it means people are sharing it in their social media site like facebook, IG, twitter and so on.

    How are you going to drive traffic to your site?

    If you are going to use paid traffic, it doesn't really matter.
    (just look at the viral site in facebook, most of it do not have dot com)

    If you are relying on search engine, it might present a problem.
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    At the outset of your business, you shouldn’t just be thinking about the name of your business—you should be thinking about the name of your eventual website domain as well.
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  • I'm no pro but I think a majority of viral sites rely on social and paid traffic. If you're not looking to rank, use any extension you want. The catchy extension will help people remember you. I'm thinking about entertainment sites though not political stuff.

    I would have invented Google and Microsoft if I was born earlier.

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