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So, I launched my ebook onto kindle and through my website, linking to amazon and selling it on pdf on my site.

I basically tried to follow Jeff Walkers book Launch to get sales at least from my email list.

But I didn't get anything from them, no questions, no buys, nothing.

I also told my fb page, group, twitter followers and google+.

Now the product is only £2.99, so it can't be cost.

So, there must be something I am missing somewhere.

I don't want to spend money of ads just yet.

I then started messaging bloggers in my niche, but can't seem to get even a simple reply off them with regards to a guest post or anything, so that I can at least get some traffic to my sales page or kindle page.

I am a little confused and maybe a little worried that about whether I have doing this all right.

#failure #launch
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    Did you research the market first to validate the need or desire for the subject matter in your book?

    Have you marketed your book to the audience that you identified in your market research?

    Have you tested your book title in order to find the best attention-grabbing name you could find?

    Is your cover graphic professional, enticing, and attention-comanding?

    Is your book description (on Kindle and your site) engaging and compelling?

    These are just a few of many questions you should be asking yourself.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    How big is your list, how many JV's did you get on board?
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    How responsive is your list and facebook page? Is it reliable traffic and conversions or is it just a big list of emails that you have not cultivated a relationship with?

    To get a big "launch" for a Kindle book you really need to cultivate pre-sales, reviews and anticipation.

    There are some good threads here with detailed strategies for Kindle launches.

    If your book is quality and in a "demand" niche it should sell.

    It's hard to tell without knowing your relationship with your list, past sales and conversions and the reliability of the traffic.

    Has this strategy worked for previous kindle books but it is not working now?

    Or is this the first Kindle launch to your list?

    Is the price the same on Kindle and PDF?
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    Nathan, this doesn't mean that it failed. You just have to figure out where your 'stuck' at right now and fix the problem (s) to get it to work.

    You didn't include enough details so the guys can help you out.

    1- Where exactly do you get the traffic from?

    2- How much traffic are you getting per day?

    3- How many leads are you getting per day?

    I wouldn't spend money on ads just yet until you get a better understanding of what your doing.

    Don't get overwhelmed.
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    If your book description and email copy have as many grammar mistakes as your OP then that could be the problem. No offense but if your first impression is not very professional and engaging no one will want to pay for additional content. I know many people, including me, don't spend too much time on spelling and grammar when posting here. However, when it comes to a Kindle book or email marketing grammar is critical.
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    Hi Nathan

    First off you can't let one attempt knock you out of the game - back in the days when you had to submit typed manuscripts (we had something called paper then) I submitted something maybe to a hundred places before it got accepted.. Point is I kept learning why and what was holding it back.

    Without seeing the book,the niche,the ads, the whole shebang it's hard to say what is the issue but I bet you anything your actual selling blurbs are not captivating enough, don't create enough interest and a feeling of wanting more. If it's of interest to people they will buy it but it has to grab them.

    Just look at some of the offers here - fantastic copywriting and much of it for things you can google about. But they sell simply because the copy hits all the triggers.

    My first instinct is to tell you to check your copy writing skills - ask people to give you an opinion - not friends - and try and write your most over the top description you can think of. Exaggerate it - blow it up - then make it real and workable.
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    Okay. alot to look over then.

    My email list isn't very responsive and small.
    My fb page and group again are small and unresponsive.

    And again maybe my copywriting isn't brilliant and didn't captcha the imagination of the potential buyers.

    But hey. I understand this was my first attempt is a learning curve as it didn't go as I wanted.

    Just looking to understand the process and maybe where I went wrong.

    It looks like it could be a few things.
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    I am only a newbie so take this as you wish. I imagine lack of sales would be down to lack of one or all of the following

    1) Need for the product
    2) Quality/professionalism of website/sale platfom
    3) Trust
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