What is deep linking?

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Okay so I'm using running with an affiliate program and in the info section it says 'deep linking is not allowed'. So what does deep linking actually mean?


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    What is deep linking?
    Linking to an interior page.

    A vendor may want people to follow their sales path. If you "deep link" say to the order form, this will circumvent the "path."
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    The Links From The Internal Pages Of Your Own Site. It also helps you to increase Moz page authority.
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    A deep link is a hypertext link to a page on a Web site other than its home page. The "deep" refers to the depth of the page in a site's hierarchical structure of pages. Any page below the top page in the hierarchy can thus be considered deep.
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    It's a fetish in the adult content niche

    Dental Floss Tycoon

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    What is the thoughts behind forbidden deeplink in an affiliate view?
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