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Having a question. Do i violate any rules if i download other people cosplay photo and put it in a hall of fame gallery? Thanks for any clarification.
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    If there's no explicit copyright (Public Domain, CC etc) it's always best to get permission.
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      I would agree to get permission if possible but to at least have an attribtue/cite where it came from with a link so it doesn't appear you're claiming it is yours (plus people tend to like being recognized).
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        In the U.S. creative works (writing, art, photographs, music, sculptures, etc) are automatically copyrighted to the originator. So typically, whomever wrote, or painted, or photographed, or composed, or sculpted the work will hold the copyright unless they sell it to someone else or voluntarily give it up.

        Someone took the photos you're talking about; so no . . . you can't just rip off other people's creative work.


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