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Hello Warriors,

It's been a few months since I've shown my face on these forums. My last visit was telling everyone the great news that I left my 9-5 to pursue IM as my full time income and be a full time entrepreneur. I was flammed endlessly and several people made wagers on when I would fail and come crawling back to the forum asking for help. Mhmm.

Next I came back to ask what you guys/girls thought about Peerfly suspending my account for using Microjobs to complete an email sub offer. I was again flamed endlessly and told I was unethical dirt ball, stealing, horrible human, etc. Hmm...

Well guess what, it's been 4 months since I left my crappy cubicle job and I couldn't be happier... Except when my house burned down at 4am in February, and then the time I tried to jump over a parking cone in March and dislocated my right shoulder and had to go to the hospital.

Using the nice flaming comments and criticism, I focused on how I could become a successful entrepreneur/IM and not be guilty of the things I was being accused of... namely of having Shiny Object Syndrone.

If you are an IM with a few days in the game, months, or years and still haven't made a reasonable amount of success, I have hope for you.

Do you constantly jump from niche to niche looking for the payday you see other's getting?

Do you constantly jump from one money making platform to the next hoping to make the big bucks?

Do you buy every IM get rich quick scheme course out there hoping this will bring home the bacon??

If you've answered yes to any of these, don't feel bad, I was guilty of all of the above.

After a year in the game, I've finally started to make a little money and I've only recently learned my own laws of success in IM.

1.) Don't be a dabbler. Focus on one venture at a time. Affiliate marketing, CPA offers, PPC, whatever your cup of tea is, invest your time in learning as much quality information as you can. Amazon is full of awesome books you can study and learn your core skills for that platform.

2.) Look for more than one person who has succeeded in what you're trying to pursue so you know the path to success is obtainable and realistic. You're not trying to blow the IM game away with your Uber/elite IM methods. If you're like me, you're looking to make a good income and not be burdened with self doubt that your chasing some mirage of success that ONE person purported in a splashy video on a landing page.

3.) Learn how to hire and manage VA's. There are ton's of freelancer websites out there like,, where you can find really hardworking VA's for $3-5 an hour to do some of the easy/low leverage activities your business requires. It's amazing how fast you can scale your business once you learn how to find the right people, for the right price, that can work autonomously of you everyday. It's a great thing, trust me.

4.) Try to mentor at least one person in your career and show them how to do things the right way the first time around. If I had sought out a decent mentor with integrity and not spent years chasing my tail, doubting my self, and dabbiling in everything at once, I would be sitting here a whole lot richer, and less smellier guy. Find a good mentor.

So to sum up this post, stick to one thing, make sure it's possible to earn a living from that thing, and study it like a professional would. This learning process may take you days, weeks, months, even years, but once you've built that skill you will be richly rewarded.
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    I agree with you re DABBLING.

    Dabbling leads to DAWDLING which leads to a big fat NOTHING.

    The secret to success is PASSION.

    If you're passionate, you'll STAY FOCUSED.

    You'll avoid SHINY OBJECTS

    You'll avoid the allure of something BIGGER AND BETTER.

    You'll DRILL DOWN and take care of business.

    Also, you'll tweak what you have until it is SUCCESSFUL.

    Constant experimentation plus tenacity and a focus on VALUE win out every time.
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      Hats off to ya! for having the ballz to go against what the "norm" says is "right" dude.

      At the end of the day we all need to earn an income.

      And by the time we have come up through the education system and then get "spat out" into the real world to "beg" for a job.

      There's a pretty good chance we are going to make some mistakes along the way as we transition into the mindset it take to run a successful business.

      If you didn't go through what you did, your plan would not be as clear as it is now.
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    Sorry to hear about your house, that can't be fun.

    But thanks very much for this thoughtful post. Staying focused is something I have struggled with. The idea of "multiple streams of income" appeals to me but also in makes me jump and dabble.

    I appreciate your comments.
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    Yes, dabbling, opportunity hopping, information overload and lack of focus are all energy drains. However, I hear that nearly everyone falls into those exact traps at first. So, just part of the natural learning curve really. Beyond the traps are the rewards. They say that confusion is a normal part of learning something new, until a level of competence is reached. Seems true.
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    Oh man I remember this all too well from when I started in 07. I specifically agree with the dabbling thing. I think I lost about a good $15,000 on get rich quick guides and programs back then. I;m just glad that people are getting smarter and evolving away from all that hype.
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    I would also add - find a reliable hosting provider. Going for cheap offers to save some bucks results in tons of headache should any problems arise. And in this business - issues happen all the time.

    Therefore, finding a reliable hosting provider is as important as finding a good VA.
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      Good to hear, Rafael.

      I think getting over the 'dabbling' would serve many people here very well.

      It is crucial to get over this Mindset

      - Robert Andrew
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        Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) is a pernicious beast, isn't it?

        It begins innocently enough - exploring different methods, refining your knowledge, searching for a correct fit. But it is endless, and you can find yourself going through massive courses on LSI (or tiny PDFs on obscure ad platforms) and wonder just where the hell you've ended up.

        For me, it always helps to have the 'anchor' of simplicity. I remind myself that product + traffic + conversion = money. Always be finessing one of those elements and your income will go up. Honestly, it's worthwhile having a PLR book with a Paypal button on a barren 2010 Wordpress theme, and a trickle of traffic from sig links, just so you have that starting base.
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