what is the best internet marketing seminar or workshop out there right now?

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What is the best seminar or multi day workshop on internet marketing out there right now?
I like going to live events.
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    DIGIMARCON WEST - Digital Marketing Conference connects digital marketing professionals with new customers, ideas, technologies, and business opportunities. Learn to attract and satisfy customers through digital strategies, social media marketing, search engine marketing, analytics, mobile integration, and other best practices.
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  • Mark Ling provides live webinars on affiliate marketing. You can receive updates of his live webinars by creating a free account in Affilorama.
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    bhw ungaged is great and has some good reviews
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    Russell Brunson and Mike Filsaime come to mind off the top of my head.

    I know Mike does several live/virtual live conferences and stuff like that.
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    Affilorama is the one I would go after. Not only providing the most comprehensive course out there, he provides excellent support. Excellent tools, softwares and even themes are provided. What he teaches is for a long term business model, rather than some simple tricks for short term overnight unstable business.

    Rusell Brunson is another guy to go after. He's really a multi-millionaire. Recently, he is shipping out his new book for FREE (you just need to cover the shipping cost) and it talks awesome things about dot com secrets

    If you are talking about not only course but to also clone a business model, then Patric Chan is the guy. He's recently launching a license program 3.0 for you to clone his reputation for the business.

    Anyway, look for one guy and go after before jumping on to another one. Master it, Apply it until success.

    Hope that helps.
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    Maybe you have seen the webinar awhile ago by Adam and Justin - How they Made $1 Million in 7 days... It was a live webinar.. I missed it. I just hope they made a record of it for later access.
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    Thanks for the replies....keep em comin!
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    • I know!! "The Real Estate Workshop"!!!

      They are uber conniving oops! I meant convincing! lol

      See, my S/O and I attended this "workshop/seminar" in Ontario Ca this past January.
      He signed up for that Real Estate training course where the speaker promised that we could get our money back for if it didn't work for us or we followed the rules on the back of the contract.

      HE said HE was making a reality series on cable some kind of "flip this house" thing and needed us to learn to do that so we could be examples on his show.

      HE was very convincing!
      Wait. YOU were very convincing!! Looks like this research worked out well for you!

      So anyway, I took my S/o to another Real Estate group that he liked better. So, within 3 "business" days as per the contract - we sent a request via CERTIFIED mail to the (now discovered) P.O. box in Utah listed for "The Real Estate Workshop" @ 12760 S. Park Ave. #1315 Riverton, UT 84065 We then called 877.901.1167 to let co-workers? know that we sent it. 10 days later (As outlined on the back of that contract) and asked when we would get the $597 refund. We were told we had to talk to YOU. and left our number.

      You never called. We called several more times to be told that you were busy, unavailable and on the phone. Weeks went by.. No call. No refund. So, we did what most people do when they feel ripped off..
      We filed a charge back with Wells Fargo.

      Today we get a letter saying they reversed that charge back. I know from experience that someone has to dispute a charge back to get it taken off, which I assume someone did even though we were within the 3 day LEGAL and outlined grace period on that handy dandy contract from "The Real Estate Workshop" in Riverton, UT. We paid $7 for that stupid unnecessary certified mail, which I assume is a purposefully placed "hoop "you hope will dissuade people from seeking a refund for that $597 or better yet, hope they wont find out they had to send it until it's too late and BAM!!.. "Sorry...not entitled to a refund " you know..That $597 that you said several times you didn't want and weren't after?, just wanted people to buy and flip houses for that "Reality TV Show" that I haven't seen advertised yet...

      We will now be seeking further and more intensified means of recouping these funds as well as that damn $7 for the BS certified mail. I mean, who does that!? Oh, I know one other guy who does that.. but he is a scam artist pretending to be a "biz expert"

      We have also found your other businesses online. Same site just different products: Andyshermansquickflips.com and Andyschinaimports.com and another mail box in now, Draper, UT now. Are these the same kind of deals?

      I think people should know if they Google "Andy Sherman radio" or "Andy Sherman Real Estate" or even "Real Estate Workshop California" what kind of a person you/They are and the companies you associate yourself with or run or let pad your pocket to lie to their audience....all those lies that are told to the unsuspecting people coming to your "real estate seminar" s to "flip houses" and that no matter what, the goal seems to be to get that money and run run fast and fight for the money that isn't even rightfully yours. That's not "Mentalfloss" that's pocket floss!! Very sad. WE did everything right! On time! and we had NO material to return either so... why the cold shoulder? Why no refund? Why fight the charge-back which was clearly deserved since months went by without contact or anything.

      We feel this is a HUGE SCAM. Shame on you!! You shook our hands, you even signed our certificate! Then you drove off in that red Kia of yours and laughed all the way to the bank I guess.

      Shame on you. Shame Shame!!

      We want our money back!!!

      You are welcome for all the SEO optimized key words and phrases
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