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Hello Warriors,

I wanted to see if anyone had any experience in regards to buying Amazon based companies. What the rules are in regards to buying a competitor on Amazon.

As I understand it, you aren't allowed to have multiple seller accounts. I also believe you aren't able to buy someone's Amazon account.

If I were to buy someone's entire Amazon based business, how would that work?

Input would be much appreciated.
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    I believe you just answered your question.

    If you are going to be buying your competitor on AMAZON, the only value the account has is the fact that they are on Amazon.

    I hope you see my point.

    Since Amazon prohibits buying other people’s accounts, you are pretty much stuck.

    There is really no way around it in terms of account buyouts.

    However, there is a legal work around.

    One way you can get around this problem is to buy out your competitor and get a contract going where they promise to not compete or engage in what you are doing for a fixed amount of time.

    Depending on the jurisdiction you live in, such agreements can either be legal for a long time or can only be legal for a few years.

    Regardless, you should be able to get some breathing space as far as competition is concerned by buying out your competitors and getting them to sign a non-compete contract.
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    I'm interested in this topic as well. I like the idea of the contract, but simply because you're buying out their competition (paying them not to compete with you), doesn't necessarily mean others won't- correct? Other people and businesses and sellers could still step in on your sales at some point, I'd assume. That's the glory of the Amazon market place. The competition creates the best possible prices for the buyers.
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    I like the idea of just having your competitor sign a no compete clause. You could basically just buy ther account, change the details and the. Just let it sit

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