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I have been seeing a lot of newbie posts all asking the same question. There is an exhaustive thread already on what to do if you are desperate. However, what I want to focus on are "actual" easy to do money makers to help folks starting out to actually see something come into their Paypal accounts while they "learn" the ropes. It seems that this isn't adequately addressed as purely an online solution.

These ideas should be simple FREE "baby" (mini) blueprints that a complete novice can simply follow without spending ANY money and produce a cash or email capture result. This is the challenge - FREE to do which results in money or an email.

The hope is that if a newbie can earn their first few dollars, they would learn how to make much more by multiplying the effort or modifying the offer.

Mini Blueprint #1 - submitted by: professorrosado
You need a product, so make one --

You either need to choose a topic you are well versed in or see what is trending (popular).
Since you should consider where to sell it, research the places you will post the product on and see what others are buying. One such place is See who is selling a lot and see what niche they're in. Check out the tags they're using, find some and do a search on Fiverr. Check out a few gigs and tweak your product and offer. Create your ebook and post your gig on

Create ebook with Open Office (FREE) and save as pdf.
Then why don't you let us know about it on this thread and in your sig?

Contact me for more help, we'll look at everything and assist you to your first sale.

Then all you need to do is repeat the promotions and continue to learn more and more and implement more traffic generating strategies.

When you reach $100+, you are now ready for the next step.


I'll post more as I find them or as warriors contribute!
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    My personal blueprint would be to write your own book regarding a list of affiliate products. If you don't have the time to write or you're not confident about your writing skills, you can always outsource or you can buy PLR.

    You include affiliate product links in the book and make sure you write the book in such a way that you address a lot of the questions people who are interested in those products want to ask.

    The next step is to find lots of free upload sites like

    In fact, these websites are a dime a dozen.

    You simply upload your book to all of those websites and make sure that you use keyword tags that are related to your niche.

    You would be surprised as to how much passive traffic you can get from this blueprint.

    This blueprint is very easy to implement.

    It costs very little money, especially if you know how to write.

    Additionally, it is passive meaning you are not actively looking for traffic because traffic flows over time.

    The more you do this in your spare time, the more your passive traffic flow will be.

    Ideally, you should include links in your e-book that goes to your mailing list.

    You should then use your mailing list as your conversion platform.

    Regardless of how you wish to play the affiliate marketing game, this is a great blueprint to follow.

    It is cheap and it does not take much effort.
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      The blueprint can vary a bit from niche to niche, but ultimately it boils down to traffic and conversions. If you can find a way to get quality traffic, you can make money online.
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    I would like to add that is order to start making money online, one must learn how to make sales online.

    When this is achieved, anyone who has this skill can then market affiliate products and earn commissions.
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