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Suddenly for last 20 days my website has started getting visits from porn and other unethical websites and forums. I am not sure why this is happening.

Is it because I'm using VPN service? I used openvpn & tunnelbear for some time, but I am not sure it is happening because of using VPN, may be someone among you have experienced a similar issue?

Also, I recently shifted my website to a new Godaddy server with a dedicated IP.

These are the two major change that I can think of having made in last 1 month.
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    Are you getting these results of referral traffic from your Google Analytics Tracker?

    If that's the case, there are sites like free share buttons .com that are trying to get you to notice them and go to their website.

    A lot of these referral types of visits are really just Ghost traffic (no one really visited your site) but they want you to visit there's out of curiosity 'hoping' to get a sale.

    If that's the case, this is a very poor desperate attempt to get visitors to their websites.

    I had a link the other day that looked like anchored text with the words "Hufftington Post" in it.

    Silly me wondered who was pointing a link to my IM blog from Huffington Post and decided to click on the link and ended up on some work from home mom's site with her products.

    I am not sure if this relates to your experience.

    Hopefully these people who are doing this kind of 'traffic' strategy, didn't come from this forum.
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    "free share buttons .com" - You are absolutely right... this is one of the referral website that I could see in my Google Analytics, and yes there was another website that I checked and it redirected to some different product selling page. This is such a cheap attempt to get attention. But did you also experience websites related to porn?

    Thanks a lot for your help... this is interesting, but how did you sort this out that its a traffic trap?

    Great help Rory!
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    Theoretically, the VPN could be to blame. Do you visit your own sites a lot?

    You could be using a VPN hosted on the same server as those sites you see in your stats, or the operator might somehow be spoofing referral headers, piggybacking off your surfing activity as an obscure means of self-promotion. In either case, the effect would be that you're generating that traffic in the course of visiting your own site and you just haven't realised it because you've disguised your footprint from yourself as well as everyone else by connecting through a VPN.
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