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by GGpaul
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Let's say I have a site. And I want to promote my site on someone else's site by having a banner/ad. How do I track it? What tool does that? I want to track clicks / impressions from that person's site. Is there any way?
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    Would I be the one to just create a UTM tracking then?

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    You do not have to buy anything fancy to do this kind of tracking.

    In fact, you might want to just create a copy of your sales page, put in a separate subdirectory and use only that address for the advertising campaign you are running.

    You might want to do this at many different times for many different campaigns.

    Each of these campaigns would have its own specific URL.

    This is definitely low tech and it is definitely simple.

    However, you would be surprised as to what you can achieve with simple solutions.

    Alternatively, you can try Google Analytics.

    Google Analytics has some solid conversion tracking mechanisms.

    How do you track conversions to Google Analytics?

    You put special code in the thank you page of your conversion page.

    However, from my reading of your question, it seems that you just want to find out about a simple way to track traffic from a specific traffic source.

    Specialized directories should do the trick.
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